Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Funny things about being a Coeliac #1

As someone diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I find the labels you get on your gluten free prescriptions quite funny. Not only do they have instructions that you should eat the gluten free food "as directed by your doctor", but also that you should "Keep all medicines out of children's reach."

Gluten Free presecription
The pharmacy guidelines and doctor's orders stuck on my prescribed packet of medicine (Glutafin Mini Crackers)

Glutafin Savoury Shorts
The Savoury Shorts from a prescription with the big guidelines sticker from the pharmacy

On a more serious note you can check out the guidelines for Coeliacs to receive gluten free food on prescription on the Coeliac UK website. The only treatment coeliacs currently have is to adhere to a STRICT gluten free diet - this can be very restrictive indeed - so it's great that some staple products are available on prescription. However, in the dozens of prescription orders I've ever done, I've only had one be correctly prescribed!?

Luckily I followed the doctors orders and didn't overdose by eating too much long-life bread, or too many crackers and pizza bases.


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