Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bar Billiards in Newcastle, Littlehampton and Worthing

Update from our increasingly erratic Barmy Bar Billiards Trail.

Last summer we had a grand day out in London visiting a number of pubs to play some Bar Billiards, but since then we've not found so many tables to play on our travels. However that's changed in the last month, with visits to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Littlehampton, and a re-visit to Worthing.

A Bar Billiards table in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Unfortunately when our friend and fellow minigolfer John 'The Legionnaire' Moore took us to the Hustler Pool & Snooker Club in Newcastle-upon-Tyne we found the table to be out of order. John has previously played the table and hoepfully it'll be back in working order soon.

No Bar Billiards played in Newcastle

The Hustler Pool & Snooker Club was a nice spot for an evening of cue-sports, with plenty of pool and snooker tables on offer at reasonable rates, as well as a number of dartboards. It's well worth a visit.

Quite unexpectedly we fared better on our mini-break to Littlehampton, as on our arrival at the Seaview Hotel (in East Preston) we found there was a Bar Billiards table in the pub!

Playing the very well maintained Bar Billiards table in the pub of the Seaview Hotel in East Preston, near Littlehampton

In our games I won 950 to Emily's 610, followed by a 580 to 300 win.

While in Littlehampton we also spotted that The White Hart pub in the town centre has a table.

The White Hart pub in Littlehampton, West Sussex has plenty on offer to customers, including Bar Billiards

John 'Big Al' Moore scores while Richard shoots

Alongside John 'Johnny Waffles' Moore, Emily and I had a number of games, with the results as follows:
- John beat Emily 960 to 50
- Richard beat John 1,570 to 670
- Richard beat Emily and John 1,090 to 780 to 360

John has also developed a very handy Bar Billiards Scorecard Mobile App which added another dimension to our games!

On our recent trip to Nottingham we ran out of time to find and play the Bar Billiards tables that our friend and Minigolf rival Jam Trubridge had told us about, but we're sure to be back at some point for a game or two.

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Richard Gottfried said...

I've heard from the team at the Hustler Pool Club in Newcastle that their Bar Billiards table should be repaired very soon.