Sunday, February 05, 2012

Putter Fingers Crazy Golf Competition for February 2012 - Where's Spike?

The Putter Fingers Crazy Golf team have launched their third online competition!

Visitors to the Putter Fingers website are being asked to look for Spike, the mascot for Putter Fingers.

To enter the 'Where's Spike?' online competition you’ll need to search the Putter Fingers website (high and low) before Friday 10th of February!

I had a go and found there may be a Red Herring thrown in for good measure!



Richard Gottfried said...

The Putter Fingers ‘Where’s Spike’ mascot spotting online competition closed today – and I managed to win a prize in it :-)

Spike was ‘hiding’ on the Mini Golf Wedding Hire Packages page of the Putter Fingers website.

The question you had to answer upon finding Spike was “On average how long does it take to assemble each mini golf hole?”

There were three options – 3, 6 or 10 minutes. With the correct answer being 3 minutes.

I’m looking forward to receiving my prize of a Putter Fingers mug – very handy in this cold snap!

Richard Gottfried said...

You can check out the full details and results of the 'Where's Spike?' competition in the latest Putter Fingers blog post at "Putterfingers Mini Golf mascot found in online Facebook competition"