Friday, February 24, 2012

Finding out about StreetGames...

...and playing some in Luton!

As an avid user of Twitter and fan of all types of sports and games I recently followed StreetGames – a sports charity that brings sport to the doorsteps of young people in disadvantaged communities all over the UK.

Upon checking out their tweets I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was their 2100th follower and had therefore won a StreetGames t-shirt.

When the parcel arrived I was very happy to find that not only did I receive a t-shirt, but also a Goodie Bag full of great stuff, including a very nice StreetGames medal! Emily and I will no doubt be competing for this prize when it gets hotter and the evenings longer.

The StreetGames Goodie Bag

With the weather unseasonably warm and the evening still light enough to grab some decent photos of me wearing my new StreetGames t-shirt, I headed out to the streets of Luton last night to play. I had a quick game of one of my all-time favourites – Kerby. Along with some Double Yellow-Line Dominoes!

Me at my local Kerby 'court' in Luton

One of my favourite indoor games, taken to the street - Double Yellow-Line Street Dominoes!

On a serious note, StreetGames looks to support projects in disadvantaged communities in the UK that help young people get involved in sports and also provide volunteering opportunities. You can find out more about StreetGames here.

Checking out the StreetGames website you can see they run projects offering a range of sports including: Angling, Athletics, Badminton Basketball, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Futsal, Handball, Judo, Multi-sport sessions, Netball, rock climbing, Roller Sports, Rugby League, Rugby Union, StreetCheer, StreetDance, Table Tennis, Tennis, Tri Golf and Volleyball.

Perhaps Minigolf/Crazy Golf and Dodgeball would be good activities for future projects...?

You can follow StreetGames on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube and check out their website here.

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Lemony said...

Double yellow line dominoes was good.. location need to be chosen carefully