Saturday, September 26, 2009

New (Minigolf) Balls Please...

At the BMGA British Open tournament last weekend I picked up five new minigolf balls for my kitbag.

Minigolf sport balls
Among them was the new Tim 'Ace Man' Davies Legends Ball, which I look forward to testing out on the greens at Strokes in Margate, and on the Ace Man's home course at Planet Hastings.

The Tim 'Ace Man' Davies Legends Minigolf sport ball
My minigolf kitbag has certainly grown since March 2008.

Minigolf sport balls and a Funsports kitbag
Which ball would ace the hole now?

I also picked up some Camouflage Golf Balls today, they'll be interesting to use!?

Camo Golf Balls

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