Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tenpin Bowling - the '$1million' Challenge

On Tuesday 7th April three members of the Ham & Eggers Bowling Team competed for the '$1million' Bowling Challenge prize at Namco Luton.

Playing six games (and a play-off) it was Mike 'Five Star' Wright who walked away with the '$1million' winnings after defeating Richard 'Bowlingo' Gottfried in the 7th game decider after both players had won three games apiece.

In the 7th game 'Five Star' scored a 111 while 'Bowlingo' was one-pin away on 110.

Earlier in the evening Richard had scored a new personal best on UK-soil, with a solid 158.

Emily 'EBA/MVP' Gottfried meanwhile had a bad night picking up no wins and a best score of 101 in the first game.

Next up for the Ham & Eggers Bowling Team is the Macmillan Annual Bowling Challenge 2009 later this month.

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