Wednesday, March 24, 2021

RadioShack is back

Electronics retailer RadioShack is back in business.

RadioShack in Saint Annes on the Sea

US electronics brand RadioShack is aiming to make a comeback with an online shopping mall concept alongside other brands owned by its new parent company. Check out the RadioShack website.

Funnily enough I was at a RadioShack in Denver, Colorado twelve years ago today!

Digital camera quality was something else in 2009!

RadioShack in the UK

I also found a RadioShack shop in Saint Annes on the Sea on the Fylde Coast in June 2017. Sadly it closed down in 2019.

RadioShack in Saint Annes on the Sea
RadioShack in Saint Annes on the Sea - it was the last RadioShack shop in the UK 

Luckily I did manage to shop in there a few times before it disappeared.

Shopping at RadioShack
It was worth shopping there for the bag alone!

RadioShack sign from a shop in Whitstable, Kent
Looking through my photo archive I also found this RadioShack sign from a shop in Whitstable, Kent.


My first job was at a Tandy franchise shop in my hometown of Abingdon, Oxfordshire where I sold a number of electronic products bearing the 'RadioShack', 'Genexxa' and 'Realistic' brand names.

Tandy in Hitchin
This Tandy signage was on display in Hitchin in 2019

Tandy said goodbye to the UK high street in 2001 as the last of the shops were converted after acquisition by Carphone Warehouse.

Tandy in Hitchin
Round the back of the shop in March 2016

Last year I discovered that the Tandy brand is still alive and kicking. While there are no longer any Tandy shops on the high street I actually bought some Tandy brand rechargeable batteries from the Tandy online shop.

Tandy batteries

I also found a new old stock Tandy EC-500 Multilingual electronic translator in a charity shop in Stockport last November. That was a bargain buy - it cost me more to buy new CR2032 batteries to go in it!

Interestingly the name Tandy comes from one of the founders of a leather goods company called Tandy Leather - a business that later became RadioShack.

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