Sunday, February 18, 2018

From Stockport to Stockholm on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

A Crazy World of Minigolf Tour update from our trip to Sweden.

Swing by Golfbaren
The 800th course we've visited - Swing by Golfbaren

Last weekend we headed to Stockholm for a mini-minigolfing trip to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the opening of the excellent Swing by Golfbaren miniature golf course run by our friend and minigolf rival Hans Olofsson.

Golfbaren Aspudden
Hans and me at his minigolf course in Aspudden

While in Sweden we managed to visit nine courses in 42 hours. The visit to Swing by Golfbaren was also the 800th course visit on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Golfbaren Aspudden
At Golfbaren Aspudden

The nine minigolf courses we visited on the trip were:

  • 798 (29th overseas) Solna, Sweden (Solna Bangolfklubb) - Eternit Miniature Golf
Solna Bangolfklubb
The Eternit Miniature Golf course at Solna Bangolfklubb
  • 799 (30th overseas) Solna, Sweden (Solna Bangolfklubb) - NIFO Steel Minigolf
Solna Bangolfklubb
This was the first NIFO Steel minigolf course we've seen
Swing by Golfbaren
Emily on the 'secret' downstairs course at Swing by Golfbaren 
  • 801 (32nd overseas and 473rd played) Solna, Sweden (Mall of Scandinavia) - Sports World Minigolf at O'Leary's
Indoor minigolf at the Mall of Scandinavia
Playing Ice Hockey on the indoor minigolf course at the Mall of Scandinavia
Bangolf Vasaparken
The Bangolf course at the Vasaparken in Stockholm
  • 803 (34th overseas) Kristineberg (Golfbaren Kristineberg) - Minigolf
Golfbaren Kristineberg
Golfbaren Kristineberg - it's right next to Kristineberg railway station!
  • 804 (35th overseas) Hägersten, Sweden (Golfbaren Aspudden) - Minigolf
Golfbaren Aspudden
A great looking obstacle on a downhill hole at Golfbaren Aspudden
Paradise Adventure Golf at Täby Centrum
Playing hole 2 of the Inca course at Paradise Adventure Golf course in Täby 

We're now up to 806 minigolf course visits since we began our travels in September 2006. There are a lot of new courses opening up too, so who knows what number we'll end the year on!


Anonymous said...

You mist the best one 700 meters from Solna

Richard Gottfried said...

There's always next time ;-)

More details please...?