Monday, December 11, 2017

98% gluten free

If something is 98% gluten free it's 100% useless to me.

The American Diner in Felixstowe is 98% gluten free
What a peculiar percentage to opt for, I wonder who their target market is?

Sadly there are very few 100% gluten free places for Coeliac diners. Cross-contamination with gluten containing food means that even 99% gluten free places are a big risk for people with Coeliac Disease.

The American Diner in Felixstowe is 98% gluten free
I've just noticed there's also a "98% GF" sticker on the door too

Thanks to Jo Tubby for the tip-off about the sign.


Helen said...

That's a bit worrying...I hope you didn't eat there! 98% - as if.

Richard Gottfried said...

I know!

It is fun to find odd gluten free signs. I once saw a HUGE menu outside a restaurant in Birmingham that said at the bottom that gluten free items were denoted by 'GF' on the listing. Looking through the menu not a single thing had GF next to it!?

Richard Gottfried said...

Looking at this blog post again I noticed a remnant of it's time as a Blockbuster Video store. Can you see what it is?