Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bingo in Stockport

We had a great night out at the Bingo last night. It was my first game since playing at Pontin's Prestatyn in 2014.

Gala Bingo in Stockport
Having a lotto fun at the Bingo in Stockport

I was interested to see the advances in what is essentially a simple game along with the introduction of electronic gaming tablets. Gala Bingo is certainly a slick operation.

I used to love playing Bingo as a kid with my Grandma. Emily and I used to be members at Gala when we were students too.

It's always nice having a game at classic seafront Amusement Arcade Bingo when we see them as well.

The Stockport venue was really big and colourful, with friendly staff. We're looking forward to returning for another few games soon. Next time I might play classic-style with paper tickets and a big dabber.

- Gala Bingo

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