Friday, July 21, 2017

Mobike in Cheadle Hulme

The new Mobike cycle hire scheme recently launched in Manchester and this morning I spotted one of the fancy bikes parked up/abandoned/awaiting collection in Cheadle Hulme.

A Mobike parked up in Cheadle Hulme
I'm pretty sure this constitutes bad parking etiquette in the Mobike rulebook. Not that anyone really uses phone boxes anymore. But still

Check out the Mobike website for further details of the scheme and how you can hire one of the bikes.

A Mobike parked up in Cheadle Hulme
The Mobikes look pretty cool. I wouldn't mind having a go on one, even if I'm more of a BMX man myself

There have been reports in the news and by police that bikes have been abandoned. However, unlike the London 'Boris Bikes' the Mobikes don't have docking stations, they are simply left in the open ready for collection by the next user.

Handy to know that I can collect one in the outer reaches of Greater Manchester here in the leafy Cheshire/Stockport borderlands.

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