Sunday, March 13, 2016

A revisit to Splash Point Mini Golf in Worthing

A BIG day for Splash Point Mini Golf.

Minigolf is hard work

We were in Worthing on Saturday for my brother's birthday party, which also coincided with the annual Jet Wash Day down at the Splash Point Mini Golf course in Denton Gardens.

There was no sign of Top Gull, but some pigeons were enjoying walking on the newly cleaned course

Course owners Anthony and Peter were part-way through their nine-hour shift to blast the dirt and grime from the 18-hole course ahead of the opening of the course for the 2016 season.

A local squirrel admires the newly refreshed course

We also spotted a new feature on the course for this year. A bench.

The bespoke bench at Splash Point Mini Golf course. Hand crafted by co-owner Peter 'Empton' Emmerson

It's always nice to have a sit down

In addition to Jet Wash Day Splash Point Mini Golf will be hosting two competitions this year. Check out details of other BIG 'days' in the minigolf calendar too.

We always enjoy our visits to sunny Worthing

While in town we were lucky enough to find a nice old postcard in a flea market just off the seafront. The card, published by Valentine & Sons Ltd and posted on the 7th July 1958, shows the Putting Green in Denton Park. Always a nice sight to see on old postcards.

The old multi-view postcard showing the Putting Green in Denton Park

A view of the new Mini Golf course in Denton Gardens

Splash Point Mini Golf course website
Splash Point Mini Golf course on Twitter

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