Saturday, January 16, 2016

A miniature golf postcard from Helensburgh in Scotland

We recently added another great old minigolf postcard to our collection.

While at the Charing Cross Collector's Market in London we found a postcard showing the Putting Green and West Clyde Street in Helensburgh.

The real photograph postcard showing the Putting Green and West Clyde Street in Helensburgh. Published by Valentine's. Number 217052.J.V. Postally unused and undated, but believed to date from the early 1930's

We visited Helensburgh during a Crazy World of Minigolf Tour roadtrip in April 2012. Unfortunately it was a bit too early in the season for a game on the links Putting course.

A view of the (out of season) Putting Green in Helensburgh as it was when we visited in 2012

We love playing on grass miniature golf courses and the Putting Green in Helensburgh looked like a nice place for a game. There's been a course on the same spot since the 1920's so it's a very historic location.

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