Thursday, January 14, 2016

Captain's Bay Adventure Golf course in Barnet, London

There's a new Adventure Golf course under construction in London!

We've heard there's a brand new 9-hole miniature golf course being built at the Metro Golf Centre in Barnet, London.

The new course should be open in April this year. Check out the Captain's Bay Adventure Golf Facebook page for photos of the new build and designs of the layout. They've got a great looking logo too. I do like seeing minigolf sharks!

It's always great to hear about new courses opening and there have been quite a few new Crazy Golf, Mini Golf and Adventure Golf courses opening in London in recent years.

We visited the Metro Golf Centre in April 2010 when the minigolf course that was there became the 170th played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. We remember it being a very good and unique course.

Playing minigolf at the Metro Golf Centre in 2010

Emily playing the incredibly short hole 7 at the Metro Golf Centre in Barnet

It's planned that the new Adventure Golf course will be open in time for Easter this year. Visit the links below for more info.

- Captain's Bay Adventure Golf on Facebook
- Showcase Greens website
- Metro Golf Centre website

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