Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bedfordshire gets a new County Flag

The county of Bedfordshire has a new officially recognised flag and a 'day' to follow.

Reading the Simply Sims column in a recent edition of the Luton News I saw that the county of Bedfordshire now has an officially recognised County Flag and plans are afoot to set a date for an annual 'Bedfordshire Day'.

On the 11 September 2014 The Flag Institute admitted the Bedfordshire Flag into the Register of County Flags.

County Flag of Bedfordshire
The new county flag of Bedfordshire

Visit the Friends of Bedfordshire Society's website to read about why the flag looks like it does and what it means.

I look forward to seeing the flag flying and fluttering around the county and I'll be buying a pin badge version asap.

- The Friends of Bedfordshire Society
- The Luton News
- The Flag Institute
- Association of British Counties


Richard Gottfried said...

Voting is open to find the date for Bedfordshire Day.

You can vote online at the Friends of Bedfordshire Society website. Voting closes on Saturday 28 February.

You can also find the Friends of Bedfordshire Society on Facebook and Twitter.

Richard Gottfried said...

Bedfordshire Day has been announced as 28 November.

This year Bedfordshire Day will fall on a Saturday.

For more information on Bedfordshire Day visit The Friends of Bedfordshire Society's website.