Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fish & Chips, Gluten Free Dessert and some Bar Billiards in Baldock

A fun Tuesday night out in Baldock.

With the Fish 'n' Chick'n' fish & chip shop in Baldock, Hertfordshire continuing to offer Gluten Free fish & chips (and battered mushrooms!) on the last Tuesday of the month, a group of us (including a pair of Coeliacs) headed there for a slap-up feed. As the Orange Tree Pub in Baldock also does Gluten Free food we decided to head there for some post-fish & chips Desserts and Bar Billiards.

The Orange Tree is a great pub and there's always a nice welcome on offer. As I was driving I couldn't have a Gluten Free beer (Hambleton's Ale is stocked there), but our party ordered the Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie that was being freshly prepared! While we waited we had a mini Bar Billiards tournament.

The Bar Billiards table has been moved into its own little room at the pub and it's also been refurbished and has a brand new baize!

Emily ready to take to the newly baized Bar Billiards table

In game one Emily took on Simon 'Practice' Hall in a closely fought contest that saw Simon win 440 to 380.

In the second match I faced off against the debuting Cat 'Corner' Patterson in a game that went to a sudden-death shootout on the black mushroom 200-hole! I won in a 870 to 420 match.

Following the Gluten Free pudding we contested a doubles match that also went to a sudden-death shootout and after I missed the first attempt at the 200-hole Simon stepped up and nailed the shot to win the tie 740 to 650 for his pairing with Emily.

The pub has had a garden renovation too and there is a great looking outside seating area that we'll be making use of in the summer.

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Richard Gottfried said...

In our latest Bar Billiards games at The Orange Tree pub in Baldock I defeated Emily 1,070 to nil (after Emily wiped-out a score of 480) in the first.

In game two Emily picked up the win with 1,150 to my 620, nailing the 200-shot with the last ball.

Since our last visit, the new games room at the pub has been improived further with the addition of bench seating and a table, as well as a nice arrangement for the dart board.