Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not Playing the Buttons at Southend's Amusements

Finding a playable, unwinnable, 2p machine at 'the Buttons' in Southend.

As a big fan of seasides and amusement arcades I had a fun trip to Southend-on-Sea on Saturday. At one of the Amusement Arcades Emily and I spotted that one of the 2p pusher machines was working, but had no money in it!? 

Photo of a 2p arcade machine in Southend on Sea
The unwinnable 2p pusher in the Southend Arcade

Oddly, somebody must of played it as there were a few tuppences in the machine! As a veteran ratter and tatter (and 2012 Worlds Tat Challenge Champion) I know better...

Not playing the Buttons

I also spotted a fruit machine based on my favourite comic of all time that managed to rob me of 70p.

A Viz Fruit Machine in an Amusement Arcade in Southend on Sea

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