Friday, September 07, 2012

Playing Crazee Golf at the Tintype Art Gallery in London

Visiting the Tintype Contemporary Art Gallery and playing a very crazy Minigolf hole at the Crazee Golf Art Exhibition.

On Thursday 6th September the latest stop on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour saw us head to the Tintype Art Gallery in Hatton Garden in London for the Private Viewing Opening Night of the new ‘Crazee Golf’ exhibition.

The idea of the exhibition was to get 18 artists to design and create their own Crazy Golf ‘holes’. The result is a wide-range of wacky, odd, strange and intriguing pieces of art. The exhibition is not a Crazy Golf course as such, but it was certainly interesting to see some other points of view of Crazy Golf!

One of the designs has three copies of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey laid (splayed!) out as a Minigolf Putting course, another is a short film, others are a series of sketches and one is a series of photos of a derelict Crazy Golf course in Bournemouth. It’s one we’ve visited on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour and I recognised it straight away!

Artist Joby Williamson created a Crazee Golf challenge hole called ‘dancefloor yips’ and offers visitors the chance to hit a ball through the air, towards a hole in the top right hand corner of a window and onto a makeshift green on the roof below! Me and my Minigolf Doubles teammate Kevin ‘Max’ Moseley both had a go, but neither of us managed to Ace it. I don’t think anyone managed a hole-in-one – it’s very tricky indeed!

Up on the roof - The 'green' of the playable Crazee Golf hole at the Tintype Gallery

The exhibition is curated by Oona Grimes & Teresa Grimes and is open to the public from the 7th September until the 27th October 2012. I’ll be heading back to give the ‘dancefloor yips’ challenge hole another play.

You can view the Crazee Golf exhibition and photos of the designs on the Tintype Gallery website too.

- Tintype Contemporary Art Gallery
- Crazee Golf exhibition at the Tintype Contemporary Art Gallery

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