Monday, July 16, 2012

A Minigolf Visit to Wonderland in Telford!

Minigolf Course #500 visited / #300 Played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

On our journey to the 2012 Oswestry Games we had the chance to visit the 500th course on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour! Prior to our trip we had seen on the excellent Minigolf resource of that the Wonderland Theme Park in Telford, Shropshire was home to a Pirate Crazy Golf course.

If it was open it would the 300th course played too!

The weather was rather ominous on the drive to Telford on Friday the 13th of July and the date did not help the feeling of dread that the course would not be there, or worse – be there, but not in a playable condition. This is the sort of thing that runs through your mind when you’ve visited and not played so many courses over the years!

When we arrived at Wonderland the weather was less than summery and it was tipping down with rain. We parked up, grabbed our umbrella and headed into the Theme Park to see if we could find the course. We started our search at the opposite side of the park and so took a wander through, passing a very big Giant on our way.

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
A Giant and Richard at the Wonderland Theme Park in Telford

When we arrived at the Crazy Golf kiosk we asked to play the course, but were advised not to as the rainy weather had made the course very slippery. After explaining that we had played in far worse weather conditions and that we would be incredibly careful navigating the course we were handed our putters, minigolf balls and a very nice scorecard for the Treasure Island 9-hole Crazy Golf course!

The Pirate-themed layout is intriguing as it has a mixture of hole types and designs, with some of the holes made of wooden planks, others are concrete with metal rails and others are a more ‘traditional’ felt.

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Hole 2 - made of wooden decking!

Even in the wet conditions the course was fun to play and very tricky in places. While neither Emily or I scored a hole-in-one (this time) we were close on a few attempts. The killer hole for me was the 4th (Smugglers Cove) which saw me score a dreaded 7!

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Playing a shot on hole 9 at Wonderland Telford

In the end the result of our Irregular Mini Golf Tour match-up saw only one shot separate the two of us – with Emily the eventual winner with a score of 29, to my 30!

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Emily playing a shot on the Wonderland Treasure Island Crazy Golf

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Richard playing a shot up a ramp and over a boat on the Wonderland Crazy Golf course

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Richard playing the Wonderland Treasure Island Crazy Golf

If you’re a fan of Crazy Golf and/or Fairytales then the Wonderland Theme Park is the place for you to visit. The Crazy Golf is great fun, the park and its attractions look great and are very well maintained and the staff working there are incredibly nice and friendly.

Mini Golf at Wonderland in Telford
Richard getting scared off of a Dinosaur at Wonderland Telford

What has become our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour began on the 30th September 2006 when we visited another Treasure Island Adventure Golf course in Southsea. We also made a re-visit on the 30th September 2011!

On our many roadtrips and travels around the UK to play Minigolf we’ve been to a couple of other “Treasure Island’s” and quite a few Pirate-themed courses.


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Lemony said...

The 300th course was one of the most fun to play (even despite the rain!). The park and the people there were fantastic and I can't wait to go back on a sunnier day!

The extra bonus that I won and beat the "Squire" was just icing on the cake :)

Richard Gottfried said...

It's crazy to think we visited the Treasure Island Adventure Golf course at Wonderland Telford eight years ago today. It was our landmark 500th course visit.