Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s not just winning that counts, it’s as much about taking part!

If you’re regular reader of this blog, follow me on Twitter, or know me out there in the real world, you’ll know that I’m very competitive. No matter what the sport, game or activity!

All this week Adidas have been running a daily #takethestage competition on their Twitter page to win tickets to the Opening Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games! Each day a tweet has been posted and an advert has been in the Sun newspaper asking people to put on their official Team GB sweatbands, strike a different sporting pose and send the photo to the @adidasUK twitter account with the hashtag #takethestage.

In my endeavours to win I’ve been a Weightlifter, Boxer, Javelin Thrower and Cyclist. However I didn’t win. Congratulations to the other competitors though. I’m looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremony on the box tonight and seeing the parade of athletes as they make their way into the stadium.

It’s been a brilliant online marketing campaign and great fun in trying (in my case in vain) to find a winning sporting pose. Take a look at my efforts below and see what you think...

Striking a Weightlifting Pose - a quite Herculean feat to lift "1 Ton"

My favourite of the week - a bit of face punching for the Boxing Pose. I actually missed the deadline with this photo as well! What a Ham & Egger.

Full recovered from my pugilism I attempt to 'clean up' in the competition with a spot of Mop Javelin throwing

In what appears to be a race between a man in a 'Yellow Jersey', me and an Alsation I appear to have finished second while riding a 'bike' in Luton town centre for my Cycling Pose!

Many thanks to my long suffering wife, opponent, coach and photographer Emily for snapping away at my efforts.

I’ll be proudly wearing my Team GB sweatbands and enjoying watching the Olympic athletes in action as they take part on the biggest stage of them all. I'll be cheering them all whether they win, or just take part!


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Lemony said...

The "boxing" pose was the most fun to create.... not that I enjoy bruising up Squire at all ;-)