Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Minigolf Friendly at Tea Green Golf Club (and some Birdwatching)

Playing some minigolf and birdwatching at our local minigolf course.

On Friday Emily and I headed to our local Minigolf course at Tea Green Golf,Wandon End, near Luton.

I play hole 1 on Tea Green Golf's Mini Golf course

We haven’t both been up there for a round of Crazy Golf and Putting for a while and so had a three-round contest, with two-rounds of Minigolf and one-round on the Putting Green.

Emily playing hole 5 on Tea Green Golf's Mini Golf course

In the Keith Classic Miniature Golf Contest* I defeated Emily 52 to 57. I scored two round of 18(par) on the Minigolf and a 16(+4) with one hole-in-one on the Putting. Emily scored rounds of 19, 21 and 17.

* When we arrived we saw a Pheasant lurking around the driveway entrance and heard him throughout the round. We named him ‘Keith’ in honour of the joke about Richie’s Grouse in the Comedy Show ‘Bottom’!

Keith the Pheasant at Tea Green Golf Club


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