Monday, May 21, 2012

Seagull Sullies Minigolf Scorecard in Hastings

A run-in with a Seagull on the Pirate Adventure Golf course in Hastings.

One of the perils of playing Minigolf at the seaside is the threat of Seagulls. It has been known for players to have their ball gobbled up by a greedy Seagull during a tournament and there are always plenty of them milling around on the look out to steal chips and other food from competitors.

During the sixth round of last weekend’s WMF World Adventure Golf Masters competition in Hastings, East Sussex our group’s scorecard, which I was holding at the time, was splattered by a passing Seagull causing a minor delay in play while we cleaned up the card. Luckily the scores for myself, Alex 'Perfect Par' Pragnell and Lavdim Zylfiu were not smudged.

The Sullied Adventure Golf Scorecard

The splat from the seagull sits astride the scores on the sullied scorecard

A number of players did question whether the offending Gull was Top Gull, "Lancing, Worthing & Brighton's Premier Seagull", or if it was one of his mates from the #GullMafia???

A Seagull takes a break in the fountain between the 10th & 11th holes at the Hastings Pirate Adventure Golf

Seagull in Hastings
Did Top Gull make a visit to Hastings from Lancing, Worthing or Brighton?

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Richard Gottfried said...

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