Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Miniature Golf Days in 2012

Special days to mark the great game of Miniature Golf.

According to ‘the internet’ there are two days each year to celebrate Miniature Golf!

The first of these is National Miniature Golf Day and falls on the second Saturday in May, this year it’s on Saturday 12th of May. The first ever National Miniature Golf Day was held on the 12th of May 2007!

The second of these is Miniature Golf Day and is always on the 21st of September.

This year the British Minigolf Association Tour will be at Strokes Adventure Golf course in Margate, Kent on the 21st of September (a Friday) and the BMGA Players Championship (and BMGA International Players Championship) will be contested. The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd September sees the 15th annual BMGA British International Open tournament played at the course.

BMGA British Masters minigolf tournament 2010
Playing hole 1 of the Strokes Adventure Golf course in Margate, Kent

Where will you be playing Minigolf, Crazy Golf, Adventure Golf or Putt-Putt on the Miniature Golf Days this year...?

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Richard Gottfried said...

As well the two "Miniature Golf Days" mentioned above there is also an annual 'Minigolf Day' in Austria.

Organised by the Austrian Minigolf Federation (Österreichischer Bahnengolf-Verband - OBGV) the event know as "Minigolf Tag" has been running for three years and sees people invited to take part in various minigolf activities, fun, games and competitions.

You can read more about Minigolf Tag in an article here (& here for the Google translated version).

There is also a Facebook group for Minigolf Tag - find it here.

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Richard Gottfried said...

Here's the official website for Minigolf Tag (Minigolf Day) in Austria that is taking place on Sunday 6th May 2012!