Monday, January 20, 2020

Types and Variants of Miniature Golf visited and played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

The many types, styles and names of 'Minigolf' we've found on our travels.

4D Cosmic Golf in Castleford

Since our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour began in September 2006 we have visited, seen or played minigolf in a number of forms, names and guises.

Crazy Golf at the Yorkshire Ice Cream Farm in Hatfield, Doncaster
Here in the UK the game is very often known as Crazy Golf

They include:

3D Golf
4D Golf
5 Star Crazy Golf
Adventure Crazy Golf
Adventure Golf
Adventure Golf Grass Putting
Adventure Putting
Beach Golf
Blacklight Indoor Mini Golf
Carpeted Miniature Golf
Chrizy Golf
Cosmic Golf
Crazee Golf
Crazier Golf
Crazy Adventure Golf
Crazy Golf
Crazy Golf Adventure
Crazy Golf Pool
Crazy Jungle Golf
Crazy Pool
Crazy Putting Challenge
Crazy Snooker
Cwrs Golff Bach
Extraordinary Golf
Fantasy Golf
Garden Adventure Golf
Garden Minigolf
Ghetto Golf
Golf Byr
Golff Anturus
Golff Bach
Golf FX
Golff Giamocs
Golff Gwallgof
Golff Gwirion
Golff Gwyllt
Golff Mini
Golf Trail
Grass Putting
Hindernis Billard
Indoor Adventure Golf
Indoor Crazy Golf
Indoor Miniature Golf
Indoor Mini Golf
Indoor Minigolf
Junkyard Golf
Jurassic Golf
Krazy Golf
Le Mini Golf
Llain Bytio
Looney Golf
Maes Golff
Magical Crazy Golf
Magical Golf
Magical Golf FX
Mini Golf
Mini-Golf Garden
Mini Putting
Mini Sculpture Golf
Miniature Crazy Golf
Miniature Golf
Miniatvre Golf
NIFO Steel Minigolf
Novelty Golf
Obstacle Golf
Pit-Pat Table Golf
Pitch & Putt
Plonk Golf / Plonk! Golf
Portable Crazy Golf
Portable Minigolf
Putting Course
Putting Green
Putt Putt
Realistic Miniature Golf
Retro Golf
Rock N Golf
Super tech mini golf
Swedish Felt
Table Golf
Themed Golf
Woolly Golf / Wooly Golf

To see the full list of courses visited and played by us since September 2006 please check out the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Course List Page.

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Looney Golf in Bradford
Looney Golf in Bradford

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Richard Gottfried said...

While in Penarth, Wales on Sunday we noticed that the Mini Golf (Golff Mini) course there was also called 'Golf Byr' (Pitch and Putt).

Richard Gottfried said...

The Putter King Blog recently did an item on "The Many Names of Miniature Golf". Details at:

Richard Gottfried said...

Tim 'Ace Man' Davies at has put together a list of Miniature Golf Synonyms:

Richard Gottfried said...

There's a new miniature golf course opening in Dalston, London this month called 'Plonk Golf'. Another new name for the game.