Monday, January 01, 2024

Our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour continues...

Up to Saturday 30th December 2023 we had visited a total of 1,044 miniature golf courses on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. 997 of these have been in the British Isles.

Moby Golf
Moby Golf

Our minigolfing adventures began on the 30th September 2006 and in that time we've been able to play a total of 573 of them. Many have been found to be abandoned, closed, out-of-season or derelict on our initial visit. Luckily some courses that were closed on our original visit have since been played. And there are some course we've revisited and replayed dozens of times!

Southend Pier Crazy Golf
Southend Pier Crazy Golf

Last year we played courses together in England, while Emily also had rounds in Majorca and Orlando!

Our travels have been recognised by the Guinness World Records, and I'm a record holder for "Most miniature golf courses visited" (902 at the time of going to press last year). Check out the Guinness World Records 2024 book to see a lot more minigolf records too!

Together with my brother Christopher - a charter member of the tour - and his family, we've visited a total of 1,089 courses.

When we originally set off to visit as many courses as possible the target list was 600 in the British Isles. We've still got around 50 of those original courses to visit.

Minigolf is an incredibly popular activity for all ages and there are new courses opening up all the time in a wide-range of outdoor and indoor locations.

It'll be interesting to see what takes place in the world of minigolf in 2024.

Check out the full list of courses we've visited.

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