Friday, October 01, 2021

New Crazy Golf course open in Edmonton, London

A new motorsport-themed Crazy Golf course has opened in Edmonton, North London.

A new Putt Club Crazy Golf course has opened in Edmonton, North London

The new 9-hole indoor Crazy Golf course has been created by the team at Putt Club.

Putt Club London Edmonton joins other Putt Club courses in Hull, Watford and London Docklands. A new location is opening in Leicester in November 2021.

Visit the Putt Club website for more information.

Minigolf in London

There has been a real boom in minigolf courses opening in London. When we worked in the city there were very few options for minigolfing, but a number of new indoor, late night competitive socialising style venues have opened in London over the last seven years.

Competitive socialising

Before the coronavirus pandemic the phrase 'competitive socialising' had become a popular way to describe going out and having fun, with a number of new businesses catering to the demand of a public who wanted to compete at something while eating and drinking in a nice setting.

Whether it was table tennis, darts, shuffleboard, bingo, tenpin bowling, arcade games, or our personal favourite crazy golf, people were finding new ways to quench their thirst, have fun and compete without signing-up to a full sports league or taking things too seriously.


Minigolf has grown in popularity in the last nine years and has moved from being seen as a traditional outdoor seaside summer activity to become a year-round game that can be played indoors, outdoors and at pretty much any time of the day.

A number of high streets, retail parks and shopping malls are now home to minigolf courses, with more new venues planned to open.

Our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

We've played minigolf in London a number of times on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour over the last 15 years. We're looking forward to a return visit to the capital for a few rounds in the future.

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