Monday, April 12, 2021

New Roxy Ball Room in Leeds

A new Roxy Ball Room is opening in Leeds.

A new Roxy Ball Room is opening in Leeds and it will have a Crazy Pool course

The new Roxy Ball Room venue in Leeds is replacing the former Roxy Arcade on Merrion Street. The location will be home to a Crazy Pool course as well as Duckpin Bowling, Bank Shot Shuffleboard, ping pong, beer pong and pool.

Crazy Pool is a cross-between Crazy Golf and Pool, with players using a cue to 'putt' past a range of obstacles on a variety of table shapes.

Check out the Roxy Ball Room website for more information.

We've played Crazy Golf at Roxy Ball Room in Leeds and at the Manchester Deansgate venue.

We're yet to play Crazy Pool. There are two Roxy Ball Room locations in Manchester city centre and the new one at Withy Grove has a Crazy Pool layout.

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