Tuesday, June 04, 2019

A visit to Sunderland. In Lancashire

Making a journey to the village of Sunderland.

We never expected to be visiting Sunderland while on the other side of the country

Our adventures around the UK began back in 2006 when we got our first car and set about visiting as many seasides as possible. This segued into what has become our mammoth mission to visit every miniature golf course in the British Isles (and beyond).

Searching out minigolf courses has seen us visit so many out of the way and interesting places we would likely never have otherwise been to. Our latest trip to the Lancashire and Cumbria coast was no different.

As we left Lancaster we spotted a place called Sunderland on the map and as we've also been to the 'real' one we thought we'd take a look at what the Lancashire version had to offer.

The village of Sunderland lies at the tip of a marshy peninsula and is only accessible by a somewhat treacherous single-track road. Or boat.

The sort of warning sign you always want to see

Road to Sunderland Point
This was the road into Sunderland Point. There is no way you'd ever reach the National Speed Limit on the track!

Road to Sunderland Point
And another warning sign part way along the route

Sunderland Point is a unique place, as it is home to the only community on the UK mainland that is dependent upon tidal access!

The road to Sunderland Point
The tide was out

The road to Sunderland Point
We kept a careful eye out to make sure we didn't get stranded

It was nice to visit Sunderland Point and on our drive to the village we didn't have to use any of the 'passing points'. However, on our return trip we had to reverse a fair distance to allow another car to pass. An interesting drive to say the least.

Sunderland Point
The road out of Sunderland Point

At Sunderland Point
Another beach visited on our seaside travels

Some interesting info and warnings on a sign at Sunderland Point
Some interesting info and warnings on a sign at Sunderland Point 

Public toilets at Sunderland Point
These conveniences were a welcome sight after the somewhat terrifying drive to the village

The view from Sunderland Point
The view from Sunderland Point
Sunderland Point in Lancashire
We left Sunderland Point before any water got anywhere near the High Water Level mark

On our travels we've found A.N. Other versions of a number of towns/islands/states/countries! We've also been to the Isle of Wight and Ireland (in Bedfordshire), Egypt (in Buckinghamshire), Oxford (in Northumberland), New England (in Essex), Canada (in the New Forest) and a pair of Lutons (in Kent and Devon).

Are there any other doppelganger places you'd recommend for us to visit?

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