Tuesday, May 02, 2017

New Mini Golf App

There's a new minigolf App available for Android and iPhone.

The Mini Golf App is a free download which allows players to score and keep a record of their round, as well as pick up reward points for each visit.

The App, created by ConceiveIT, is in use by Hastings Adventure Golf, Rainforest Adventure Golf in Ireland and Paradise Adventure Golf in Sweden, with more courses set to follow.

Mini Golf App for Hastings Adventure Golf
A screenshot of the App showing hole 2 of the Crazy Golf course at Hastings Adventure Golf. It's one of the trickiest holes around

I enjoyed using the Hastings Adventure Golf App - especially seeing the classic Crazy Golf course holes on screen while I marked the scores. We've played so many games on the course over the years. All three of the courses at Hastings are included on the app so you can see the best routes to the cup on each hole on the Pirate Golf, Adventure Golf and Crazy Golf layouts.

Richard Gottfried playing at Hastings Crazy Golf
Playing hole 2 at Hastings for real

There are many advantages to the app, and I can see why courses and players would want the option to use it. It's always nice to see innovation and especially pleasing to see rewards for frequent visitors to miniature golf courses.

If you're a minigolf course business check out the Mini Golf App website for more info on how you can get your own course app.

If you're a player heading to Hastings, Dundrum or Täby Centrum then it's worth downloading the app and signing up to the course rewards.

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