Saturday, March 04, 2017

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland

Visiting the indoor UV blacklight minigolf course at Blue City in Warsaw.

Emily recently made the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour's 27th minigolf course visit overseas when she swung by Time Machine Minigolf at Blue City in Warsaw, Poland. It looks superb.

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland
Time Travel Minigolf in Warsaw

The 18-hole minigolf course takes players through a fantastic time travelling adventure - from the big bang, to the jurassic era, through mankind's achievements and a vision of the future!

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland
The loop-di-loop obstacle is also a time machine!

We have now visited 723 miniature golf courses since September 2006. 696 of those were in the UK, with 27 overseas.

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland
You get to play through the Wild West at Time Travel Minigolf

Check out the Time Machine Minigolf website for more information, opening times and prices.

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland
What a BIG minigolf ball!

We've visited a number of indoor minigolf courses on our travels and they're becoming more and more popular around the world.

Time Machine Minigolf in Warsaw, Poland
Some of the dinosaur theming at the course

2017 could very well be the year of Time Travel as charter member of the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Christopher Gottfried visited the time travel themed GlowGolf minigolf course in Amsterdam in January.

The closest I've been to a minigolf time machine recently was hitting the Doomsday Device at Mr Mulligan's Lost World Adventure Golf in Stevenage last year. Although back in 2012 I did play a Time Machine hole at the Golf Apocalypse in London.

- Time Machine Minigolf website
- Time Machine Minigolf on Facebook

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