Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adswood Park Miniature Golf course

Finding out about the Adswood Park Miniature Golf course in Cheadle.

Since we moved to Cheadle Hulme last summer we've enjoyed exploring the area's parks and finding out about the borough's history. Through the Stockport Heritage Trust Group we've found out there used to be a Miniature Golf course in Adswood Park on Councillor Lane on the Cheadle / Cheadle Hulme border!

Adswood Park on Councillor Lane in Cheadle
Adswood Park on Councillor Lane in Cheadle

During a discussion about Adswood Hall on the group's Facebook Page one of the Stockport Heritage Trust Group members posted a link to an old map of the area and Emily noticed the words 'Miniature Golf Course' in Adswood Park. Further investigation uncovered one photo on the Stockport Archives website showing a Putting Green with a flag in it.

Adswood Park opened in 1913 and it's our nearest greenspace. When we first arrived in Cheadle Hulme and had a wander round the park we thought we saw some raised edges / bunker type bumps in the park. They may very well be a remnant of the old grass minigolf course. One of the other Stockport Heritage Trust Group members recollects that the course had around 6-holes and may have been there until the early or mid-nineties.

Adswood Park in Cheadle, Stockport
The Miniature Golf course used to cover this part of Adswood Park

In our time up here we've also found a grass Putting course at Park Square offices just up the road in Cheadle Heath, a Pitch & Putt course at Bruntwood Park in Cheadle and we recently heard there was once a Crazy Golf course in Alexandra Park, Edgeley.

- Stockport Heritage Trust Group
- Stockport Archives
Adswood Park

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Anonymous said...

It was a full 18 hole pitch and putt course, I think it closed in early 2000s.

Anonymous said...

I used to play this course in the late 80s. As the other comment says, it was an 18 holer, kept in decent condition, starting near what used to be the bowling green. Somewhere I've got a map of sorts that I hand drew when I was approx 8 years old showing the entire layout of the course. Fond memories!

Richard Gottfried said...

I walk round the park daily and it'd be brilliant if there was still a course there.

It's funny that some of the bumps around the edge of the greens and bunkers can still be seen.