Sunday, February 07, 2016

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds

Dining out at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds.

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds
2 Oxford Place gets the double-thumbs up from me

Ever since I heard that a 100% gluten free restaurant was opening in Leeds I had been excited to visit. Luckily we got to eat there on Friday. It was certainly well worth the wait.

The kitchen at The Oxford Place is totally gluten free so I was able to dine without fear of cross-contamination. And even better, I was able to order without having to explain I have Coeliac Disease. I haven't done that for well over six months and it's certainly not a regular occurrence!

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds
Delicious food, great drinks, excellent service, 100% gluten free - 2 Oxford Place is brilliant

We'd arrived in Leeds on Thursday but unfortunately found ourselves at 2 Oxford Place between the afternoon and evening opening times.

With my hunger built and a great looking menu I really wanted to treat myself, so when we returned on Friday we went all out, and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich to start. I then had a huge portion of haddock, chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce for my main course.

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds
One of my favourite meals. And something I don't get to eat all that often

Even though we were quite full of delicious food and drink (we opted for Prossecco, wine and cocktails - although there are gluten free beers available) we had to treat ourselves to dessert. And what a dessert it was!

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds
Look at that Assiette!

The last time we'd had a meal out together in a 100% gluten free restaurant was at The Galley in Plymouth in June last year. On that occasion we were blown away by the dessert. And the dessert we were served at 2 Oxford Place over six months later amazed us again. The Assiette of Puddings to share at 2 Oxford Place included crème brulee, chocolate brownie, cake truffles, and mini pavlovas.

Gluten free at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds
We're still eating some of the dessert after having had to take it away!

We really enjoyed the whole experience of eating at 2 Oxford Place. The food, service and venue are all brilliant and we would definitely eat there again.

Check out the The Oxford Place website for further details, menus and opening times.

- The Oxford Place website

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Emily said...

Brilliant meal. My aubergine curry was excellent as were the desserts. Can't wait to go back again!

Emily G said...

2 Oxford Place is a wonderful independent restaurant (which are lacking in chain-heavy Leeds City Centre). My husband and I had a lovely visit here. The menu has enough choice that you could dine there everyday for week and try something different, as they have chosen a few great dishes which they execute brilliantly.

The extra bonus to this is that it is a 100% gluten free location. The entire restaurant and kitchen is safe for Coeliacs. They have done a great job with the menu, offering a range of naturally gluten-free options, but perfecting a few dishes which are normally off the menu for Coeliacs. This includes GF Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (which my husband said was the best he had eaten in years), sandwiches, pasta and desserts. The assiette of desserts for £15 was an absolute bargain, with a platter five different desserts to share.

Even if you have no special dietary requirements and just want to eat delicious food, made properly and for a reasonable price then this place is a must-visit.

We were also impressed by the drinks & cocktail menu (the old-fashioned was delicious), which also included five different GF beers.

It is well worth a visit. It is situated in a little side-street and a comfortable but traditional old-house site. Sympathetically decorated.

We are already trying to find an excuse to go to Leeds again, just for a re-visit.

Issi said...

Great review Richard, I really enjoyed 2 Oxford Place too. I want to try that assiette now!

(Gluten Free in London)

Richard Gottfried said...

Hi Issi,

Many thanks for your comment. That assiette was mad. Delicious. What a pudding! We were eating it for days after as we took a doggy bag!



Richard Gottfried said...

We had two brilliant meals at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds over the weekend.

I'd say it's a MUST VISIT for anyone with Coeliac Disease as there is so much choice and such peace of mind when ordering and eating there as you know all of the ingredients, preparation and cooking is 100% gluten free.

Before this year Emily and I had never been to Leeds together, but we've now visited three times, with dining at 2 Oxford Place the predominant reason for heading there.

We can't wait to return to see what's new on the menu.

Richard Gottfried said...

We recently dined at 2 Oxford Place in Leeds for the first time since the restaurant changed hands. I'm very pleased to report that it is still offering excellent and 100% gluten free food.