Monday, May 18, 2015

Seagulls at Hastings Adventure Golf

It didn't take long for the seagulls of Hastings to make a home on the roof of the new advertising trailer at Hastings Adventure Golf!

Seagulls in Hastings
Hastings Adventure Golf is the home of the major tournaments... and a lot of seagulls!

One of the perils of playing minigolf at the seaside are seagulls. If they're not pooing on you or the course, they're after your chips and in the case of some players even their balls!

Hastings Adventure Golf was hosting the BMGA British Minigolf Championships on the Pirate Golf course. Next month the minigolf complex plays host to the WMF World Adventure Golf Masters tournament, while in October the World Crazy Golf Championships take place on the Arnold Palmer course.

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