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Egg Throwing at the World Alternative Games

Egg Throwing competition to be held at the World Alternative Games in Llanwrtyd Wells on Sunday 10th August.

The upcoming World Alternative Games will once again feature an Egg Throwing competition!

Taking place in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales during the morning session on Sunday 10th August the Egg Throwing tournament ('Taflu Wyau' in Welsh) is an Open event.

Players compete in pairs and the aim is to throw and catch a raw egg without breakage. After each round the teams must move further apart until there is just one team left standing with a whole unbroken egg.

Its a great, fun event and at the 2012 World Alternative Games me and my team-mate Jas Kukielka won the competition!

Egg Throwing at the World Alternative Games
The 2012 World Alternative Games Egg Throwing Championships Gold Medal winning team and the Silver Medallists - from l-r Jas 'Jasain Bolt' Kukielka, Richard Gottfried (with Egg), Seve Kukielka

To register to take part in the Egg Throwing event, and other contests, please visit the World Alternative Games website.

Egg Throwing at the World Alternative Games
Throwing an egg to Jas Kukielka

Egg Throwing at the World Alternative Games
Egg Throwing can be a messy sport!

In the morning session on the 15th August there will also be a Russian Egg Roulette competition ('Rwlet y Rwsiaid รข Wyau')! Each player takes it in turn to crack an egg on their forehead until one unlucky competitor finds they have the one fresh egg in six smashed on them. The winner moves into the next round.

The World Alternative Games are taking place place between Friday 8th and Monday 25th of August 2014 with over 60 sport and recreation events held during the festival of fun and games in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales.

The official WFJF Finger Jousting World Championships will also be taking place at the 2014 Games, with male and female competitions taking place in the afternoon session on Sunday 10th August.

Check out the events listing and games brochure on the World Alternative Games website for more information.

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World Finger Jousting Federation website

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