Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Cereal Quest breakfast cereal blog

The Cereal Quest blog - one man's quest to eat every type of breakfast cereal available in the UK.

Fellow Crazy Golfer Phil Botto is renowned in the Minigolf world as the man who plays the World Crazy Golf Championships with a different 'themed' Putter each year!

In previous events he's used everything from a Black & Decker Strimmer to a converted camera tripod, a bit of wood and even a ukulele!

Phil is on a "Cereal Quest" to eat every main UK cereal and he's into his second year of the adventure! He's documenting the quest on his fun blog/diary and raising money for The Trussell Trust - a UK charity that that works to empower local communities to combat poverty and exclusion in the UK and Bulgaria.

Check out The Cereal Quest website for more details and posts. You can view a list of Cereals he's scoffed so far (in a chronological order) here.

My favourite breakfast cereal is a gluten free one made by Barkat and called Chocolate Pillows. I view them as less of a breakfast item though and more of a chocolate snack!

Once Phil has eaten his way through the 'mainstream' cereals he may consider giving the gluten and wheat free ones a try. I notice from the very first blog post on The Cereal Quest that he's an IBS sufferer, he may find that the gluten and wheat free breakfast options may alleviate some symptoms...


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