Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Miniature Golf Day Eve

Tomorrow is Miniature Golf Day 2017.

Where will you be playing minigolf tomorrow? Check out the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour list of 780 courses we've visited over the last eleven years - there may be a course near you.

Crazy Golf at North Marine Parade in Bridlington
Crazy Golfing at North Marine Parade in Bridlington

Each year there are two quasi-official annual 'days' to celebrate the game. The second of these awareness days is Miniature Golf Day and it's ALWAYS on the 21st of September.

At Treasure Island Adventure Golf course in Southsea
Where our Crazy Travels began back in September 2006

After tomorrow's Miniature Golf Day the next BIG minigolf day is National Miniature Golf Day which is on Saturday 12th May 2018.

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