Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Major Series of Putting in Las Vegas

Details of the new miniature golf competition concept - the Major Series of Putting in Las Vegas.

News broke this week of a brand new miniature golf tournament - the Major Series of Putting.

The event is to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2017 on a custom built 18-hole Putting Green. Check out the teaser trailer for more info on this minigolf competition innovation.

Pros, amateurs, men and women alike can enter the MSOP Championships by paying an entry fee or competing in one of many qualifying events around North America. Check out the Major Series of Putting (MSOP) website, and on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more details.

Emily and I love competing in minigolf tournaments and have played in, and won, a number on our travels around the world.

Winning the 2011 Putt Park Mini-Golf tournament in Las Vegas

In 2011 I won the Putt Park tournament in Las Vegas, while Emily was runner-up. Emily is also a two-time World Adventure Golf Masters Women's Champion, while I'm a four-time finalist in the World Crazy Golf Championships.

Emily in minigolf action on one of her visits to fabulous Las Vegas

We've both also played for the Great Britain minigolf sport team in tournaments in Finland, England and Sweden.

It's going to be interesting following the progress of the Major Series of Putting over the next few months.

- Major Series of Putting website
- Major Series of Putting Twitter
- Major Series of Putting Facebook
- Major Series of Putting YouTube

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