Friday, November 22, 2013

The Indomigo Minigolf Course

Finding out about a new portable Miniature Golf course from Germany.

Indomigo Minigolf. Photo courtesy of Indomigo

While reading the latest issue of the German Minigolf Sport Federation’s publication – “Minigolf Magazin” – I noticed a very interesting advert on page 17 for an indoor Minigolf course kit!

The product is called Indomigo and provides an 18-hole Miniature Golf course in a portable suitcase.

The Indomigo Minigolf course kit's case and images of the course layouts possible. Photo courtesy of Indomigo

It looks amazing and you can see a video of the net obstacle in action here and Bahn (hole/lane) "Hohes Loch" here. I can't wait to give it a play.

The Indomigo Minigolf course allows you to build a variety of hole layouts with a lane created by putting the three base pieces together, placing the tee-off point and then adding the modular obstacles.

The contents of the Indomigo Minigolf course kit. Photo courtesy of Indomigo

The kit fits together via magnets and you can make up all manner of obstacles set-ups with the kit.

Developed by the Heinen family in Berlin, Germany the Indomigo course is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and costs €875.

The Indomigo Minigolf course set-up and in action. Photo courtesy of Indomigo

For more information check out the Indomigo website, photo gallery and Facebook page.

I know what I want for Christmas...


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