Sunday, November 17, 2013

More gluten free beer, ale and lager

Trying a dozen different gluten free beers, ales and lagers.

For my recent birthday Emily bought me a selection of gluten free beers from Gluten-Free Shop Ltd.

Gluten free beer
The twelve gluten free beers, ales and lagers

The Beer/Lager Starter Pack contained a dozen bottles of gluten free beer, lager and ale – the majority of which I hadn’t tried before, and some I’d never even heard of.

It was interesting to see a canned gluten free beer too – Saxon made by Carlsberg.

Some of the alcoholic beverages contain less than 20ppm and so are able to use the crossed grain logo. One of the beers – Ambar – has a level less than 6ppm.

One of the beers was intriguing though as it doesn't have a crossed grain logo and so I am not going to be trying it, I'm sure I can find a beer lover to give it a go. The beer in question is the Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA. The other Wold Top beer included in the pack was suitable for coeliacs and is the aptly named "Against the Grain".

It was great to receive such a range of gluten free beers and you can find more on the Gluten-Free Shop Ltd website.

Those beers included in the gluten free beer and lager starter pack were:
-          Estrella Damm Daura
-          Daas Blond
-          Dass Ambre
-          Hambleton's GFL
-          Hambleton's GFA
-          Wold Top Against the grain
-          Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA
-          Crop Circle
-          Schnitzer Brau
-          Celia
-          Ambar
-          Saxon

-          Gluten-Free Shop Ltd

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard. Scarborough Fair has definitely been tested for gluten (in April 2012). It is below the 20ppm. I will send you the certificate through on Monday. It is naturally brewed gluten free - so a huge boost for real ale lovers who are Coeliacs.

We do pride ourselvers that everything on our website is gluten free. We will only stock products that are labelled as "gluten free" or if we have sight of the testing certificate.

We stock the largest range of gluten free beers in Europe - some of them we are the sole importers for. We take this aspect very seriously. Thanks

Richard Gottfried said...

Hello and many thanks for your comment :-)

Great to hear the the Wold Top Scarborough Fair IPA is naturally brewed gluten free.

As you can understand I am always wary of anything I eat and drink unless I can be sure. Really looking forward to drinking the bottle now.

When I received the present it was great to see such a wide-range of GF beers. It's brilliant there is a growing variety of beers for us Coeliacs to try.

Thank you again,


Martin said...

Hi Richard

We understand completely why you are so cautious, which is why we are so strict with the policy regarding the items we sell. We take it very seriously. Wold Top have kindly emailed me this morning their current testing certificate (2 November 2013) for both Scarborough Fair and Against the Grain (they have their beers tested every time a new batch is produced). Both Scarborough Fair and Against the Grain have less than 7.5 ppm. If you send me your email address, I will forward the testing certificate to you.

Love your blogs!

Richard Gottfried said...

The excellent GFree Radio Show had a gluten free drinks special (episode 80, 14 Nov 2014) and I was a guest on the show to discuss alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can listen to the show at 'GFree Radio episode 80: Our #GF drinks special'.