Saturday, June 30, 2012

A New Minigolf Blog! Who is the Putting Predictor?

Another day and another new Minigolf blog is up online!

The latest Crazy Golf blog is by a mysterious character who appeared shortly before the 2012 BMGA British Minigolf Championships, his/her name is The Putting Predictor!

You can read the blog here, and also find them on Twitter.

Who is The Putting Predictor???

What the Putting Predictor predicts doesn't appear to be 100% accurate, but is clearly controversial and quite amusing!

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Shelley Barrett said...

Is this my informal introduction to the members of the BMGA team joining the Oswestry Games? :D

Richard Gottfried said...

Lol. A few of the players listed will be there too!

It's quite a good write-up and the 'predictions' are somewhat similar to those that appear in the pre-World Crazy Golf Championships unofficial booklets!



I wonder if the Putting Predictor will make an appearance at the Oswestry Games? We'll have to be on the lookout for anyone wearing a question mark on their clothes!