Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Minigolf Blog by the USA's Jon Drexler

One of my international Minigolf rivals and a big name in the game Jon Drexler has recently started a new Minigolf blog.

The blog is called Have Putter Will Travel and has a great strap line of “Travelling the world playing miniature golf. There are far worse ways to go through life...”

Last month Jon and I were opponents at the WMF World Adventure Golf Masters in Hastings. As a member of the WMF Allstars team Jon defeated the Great Britain B Team that I was a part of in the fight for the bronze medal.

USA Minigolfer Jon Drexler (in black with whiteboard) scoring during the team final of the WMF World Adventure Golf Masters 2012 in Hastings

In his first blog post ‘Welcome to the blog/Intro’ Jon explains that through the blog he will be keeping people up-to-date with tournaments he plays in and his travels, results and an insight into the US-side of Minigolf compared to the European style(s).

I’m looking forward to reading more.

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