Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tea Green Golf Fun Day - Minigolf Lessons

Last Monday I was invited to run some Minigolf Lessons at the Tea Green Golf Club Fun Day at Wandon End, near Luton.

Despite the less than sunny weather, there was a good turnout at the Fun Day. In addition to the Minigolf lessons visitors also had the chance to play a round of BIG Golf, have a free lesson with the Club's PGA Pro, practice their Putting, try their luck on the Driving Range with a 17th Hole at Sawgrass Challenge and a lot more.

At the event I gave one-to-one sessions with players looking to try out the sport of Minigolf. I ran through the basic rules, and fundamentals such as grip, stance, swing and shot types.

Showing a player the right way to play a tee-shot on Hole-1.

Practicing Hole-2.

Showing fellow Lutonian Simon Hall a shot on Hole-5.

Practicing the dog-leg 6th Hole.

Lester, the Club Manager also lined up a number of his BIG Golf Club members for challenge matches against me – happily I won them all.

My fellow Midlands Minigolf Club (MMGC) Members Paul and Owen Johnson also came down to the event to lend their support and also have some challenge matches.

If you're in, or near, Luton make sure you check out Tea Green Golf Club for a warm welcome, good food and drink, and of course Minigolf (and BIG Golf)!

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