Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ham & Eggers – Quiz Champions of the George II Pub!

The Ham & Egger Sports and Social Club entered its first Pub Quiz in many years at the George II pub in Luton’s Bute Street yesterday evening and ended as the winning team.

With a total of 39 points out of 50 over five rounds, the quiz went to a tie breaker after another team gained two extra points on top of their score of 37 for having the funniest team name (CFLR).

The tie breaker question was “The author of Jeeves & Wooster is known by his initials P.G., what is his surname?” and without any hesitation the answer “Wodehouse” was given by the Ham & Eggers team to win the quiz.

One question that did outfox the Ham & Eggers was:
“LARGE FAT NOISE is an anagram of which 80’s pop star?”

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