Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Barmy Bar Billiards Trail leads us to St Albans

Two pubs visited, one Bar Billiards table found, two games played.

On Wednesday 14th March we were in St Albans, Hertfordshire so took the opportunity to look up the two Bar Billiards tables that are listed in the City.

We managed to play one of them, but found the table at The White Swan on Upper Dagnall Street is no longer there. The landlord told us it had been removed before he took over the management of the pub. Even without Bar Billiards The White Swan was a nice and friendly pub. There were some games on offer including Jenga and Bōku – an abstract strategy board game that Emily and I will no doubt play at a later date.

The Goat Inn can be found on Sopwell Lane which is just off Holywell Hill and a couple of minutes walk from the city centre and Cathedral.

The Goat Inn pub sign

As we arrived at The Goat Inn we immediately saw the Bar Billiards table in the window and no one was playing it.

The view of the table from the street

The Goat Inn is a fairly large venue with a three sided bar that splits up the different areas of the pub. There is a small seated area as you enter the pub, then a games room which houses the Bar Billiards table, a good quality dartboard, a huge selection of board games and a TV that was showing live football. There was also live music on during our visit and the chalkboards around the pub have listings for a number of different events including quizzes and details of the darts & dominoes teams.

In my first of two challenge matches I faced off against our friend Oxana Nikandrova. As she had never played the game before I ran through the rules and gave her some of the background to the game. Despite the game’s supposed Russian origins (via the French/Belgian game of Billard Russe aka Russian Billiards) Oxana had never seen anything like it in her native Russia.

I line up the opening shot in my first game

The match was closely fought with Oxana picking up the game very quickly and at one point she had built up a break of 490 points, in part due to a brilliant rebound shot off the backboard, which resulted in the red ball landing in the 200 points hole! Unfortunately this break and the rest of her score were wiped out soon after as she knocked the dreaded black mushroom over.

The final result was a win to me with a score of 470 to Oxana’s 20 points. The game didn’t need to go to a decider as I was able to clear the final two balls from the table with my final shot.

Next up was a match between me and Emily. This match would go the distance after we had a score line of 520 to 160 at the end of regulation play, with just one white ball left to pot.

Emily takes on a shot

After numerous attempts at the 200 hole I managed to get the ball in and pick-up the 200 points to see the final score 720-160.

The table is set for a Black Mushroom Shootout Decider!

£1 a go

A vital element of any game of Bar Billiards

As with the Bar Billiards table we played at The Strathmore Arms at St Pauls Walden, the table at The Goat Inn was 'approved' by the National Bar Billiards Association - the pre-WW2 governing body!

The Bar Billiards table at The Goat Inn was in good condition and was very playable. A few of the young lads who were in the pub watching the football glanced over while we were playing and we heard them saying that they’d never played the game before and didn’t know the rules. The only slightly annoying thing about the table was that some shots towards the cushion on the left hand side could not be played as the table is positioned next to a wall and the window, so most shots (and any sudden-death shoot-outs would need to be played from left-to-right).

The pub has Darts and Dominoes teams and I wonder if they've ever had a Bar Billiards Team, or would set one up?

After playing Bar Billiards we sat down beside the huge array of Board Games and picked out the game of Flags World Tour.

The Goat Inn has plenty of Board Games to choose from!

A very interesting and fun game to play. We may have to buy a copy of it for our games room!

The Flags World Tour Board Game and a flag that one player thought was the German flag - they'd had a few (too many) drinks by that point!

The Goat Inn is a great pub that’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area. There are some nice touches in the pub, including signs with details of the history of the pub, which was built in the 15th century. An interesting facts about The Goat Inn is that in 1756 the Inn could accommodate seventy-two horses but could only sleep ten people! It is also rumoured that the historic site was once the oldest brothel in St Albans!

- All England Bar Billiards' Association (AEBBA)
- Bar Billiards Tables Map
- The Goat Inn, St Albans

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Putter Fingers 'Caption Competition'

Win a Minigolf Prize in the latest Putter Fingers online competition.

The team at Putter Fingers have announced their March Minigolf Competition – it’s a 'Create a Caption' contest, and I’m in the photo!

To win the contest you need to add a caption to this photo over at the Putter Fingers Facebook page!

To enter the contest all you have to do is head over to the Putter Fingers Facebook page and post a comment on their wall with your caption. The Putter Fingers team will then choose the most entertaining entry to win a minigolf prize!


Luton is still a Town

Luton fails in bid to become a City.

Luton has failed in its bid to become a City as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A total of 25 towns in the UK put in a City Status Bid, with the winners announced today.

Chelmsford, Essex; Perth, Scotland and St Asaph, Wales were the three towns honoured with new City Status.

The Luton Town Coat of Arms – granted in 1876. The crest shows a wheatsheaf (representing agriculture and straw supplied to the town’s hat trade), a bee (the traditional emblem of industry), a beehive (representing the town’s famous straw-plaiting industry), a rose (from the arms of the Napier family from Luton Hoo) and a thistle (a symbol for Scotland and on the Luton Coat of Arms either because of the Napier’s link to Scotland via the straw-plaiting industry, or the Marquess of Bute who was a former owner of Luton Hoo). Source:


Minigolf, Crazy Golf and Adventure Golf Courses on the Lincolnshire Coast

Details of Adventure Golf, Crazy Golf, Minigolf and Putting Green courses that we've visited in Cleethorpes, Mablethorpe, Chapel St Leonards, Skegness, Ingoldmells, Woodhall Spa and Spalding.

In the summer of 2011 our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour took Emily and I to Lincolnshire where we spent a pleasent week touring the seasides, with a few stops inland along the way. As part of our tour of Lincolnshire (and a little bit of Norfolk) we went to seven seasides, visited 34 minigolf and crazy golf courses, played in countless Amusement Arcades and walked along a few Piers too.

Minigolf, Crazy Golf and Adventure Golf Courses on the Lincolnshire Coast
At the Jolly Roger Adventure Golf course in Skegness
Note: The numbers below relate to the 'visit number' on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

225 Skellingthorpe (Daisy Made Ice Cream Shop & Drive-Thru) - Crazy Daisy Golf (Swedish Felt B-Run)
226 Cleethorpes (Oddballs) - Crazy Golf
229 Mablethorpe (Sea Front) - Crazy Golf
237 Skegness (Jolly Roger) - Adventure Golf (Skull Trail)
238 Skegness (Jolly Roger) - Adventure Golf (Treasure Trail)
239 Skegness (Bottons Pleasure Beach) - Gold Mine Adventure Golf (Adventure Putting) & Cactus Canyon River Ride
243 Spalding (Springfields) - Secret Garden Adventure Golf

On the same roadtrip we finished up in Hunstanton where we were able to play a further five Miniature Golf courses.

246 Hunstanton (Blackbeard's Adventure Golf) - Adventure Golf (Aztec Course)
247 Hunstanton (Blackbeard's Adventure Golf) - Adventure Golf (Pirate Course)

During the trip we visited the following courses, but were unable to play them for a variety of reasons (details and links below).

- Cleethorpes (Arnold Palmer) - Crazy Golf - Closed on Visit
- Cleethorpes (Terry's Traditional) - Crazy Golf - Closed on Visit
- Cleethorpes (Terry's Traditional) - Putting - Closed on Visit
- Cleethorpes (Thorpe Park Haven Caravan Park) - Putting - £10 Day Rate To Use Facilities - Not Enough Time on Roadtrip
- Cleethorpes (Thorpe Park Haven Caravan Park) - Adventure Golf - £10 Day Rate To Use Facilities - Not Enough Time on Roadtrip
- Cleethorpes (Thorpe Park Haven Caravan Park) - Crazy Golf - £10 Day Rate To Use Facilities - Not Enough Time on Roadtrip
- Mablethorpe (Queen's Park/Linda's Pavilion) - Putting - No Flags Out - Not Fully Open
- Sutton on Sea - Crazy Golf - Demolished
- Skegness (North Shore Caravan Park) - Mini Golf - Pitch & Putt - Also home to "The Pitch And Putt Inn"
- Skegness (Pebble Adventure Golf) - Adventure Golf - Closed on Visit
- Skegness (South Parade) - Crazy Golf - Closed on Visit
- Skegness (South Parade) - Putting - Closed on Visit
- Skegness (South Parade) - Pitch & Putt - No Time Left To Play
On our trip to Lincolnshire we also visited the smallest pub on the planet - The Signal Box Inn - in Cleethorpes. Following our visit I sent them a mini-Miniature Golf course for their games area!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Discovering a New Food Group!?

Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables, Grains and now Plastic!?

While perusing the ‘Canned Meat’ aisle in my local Sainsbury’s this evening I spotted a new type of food – Plastic Pork Luncheon Meat & Plastic Bacon Grill!?

Plastic Pork Luncheon Meat & Plastic Bacon Grill - mmmm



Friday, March 09, 2012

The Mayor of Luton’s Charity Tenpin Bowling Challenge

Results of the Mayor of Luton’s Charity Tenpin Bowling Competition at Namco

On Thursday 8th March the Ham & Eggers Tenpin Bowling team headed to Namco Fun Station in Luton’s Galaxy Centre to take part in the Mayor of Luton’s Charity Tenpin Bowling Challenge.

The Ham & Eggers Tenpin Bowling Team with the Mayor of Luton
The Ham & Eggers Tenpin Bowling Team with the Mayor of Luton - from l-r: Laura 'Spinsten' Wood, Emily 'Skipping Rope' Gottfried, Christopher 'Ted Spin' Gottfried, Don 'The Mayor of Luton' Worlding, Richard 'Bowling Shirt' Gottfried, James 'The Great Sparedini' Cunliffe

A call had gone out for teams to compete in the two-round competition and the Ham & Eggers signed on the dotted line to try to best the Mayor!

On the night the team were unable to win the whole event, but did finish in a creditable 3rd place in the 11 team field. The evening of bowling and the raffle raised a total of £700 for the Mayor of Luton’s three charities in 2012 - The Lister Kidney Foundation, Keech Hospice Care and Action for Kids.

Ham & Eggers Team – Player Results:
1. Christopher Gottfried – 155 + 109 = 264
2. Richard Gottfried – 129 + 125 = 254
3. James Cunliffe – 106 + 138 = 244
4. X – 113 + 109 = 222
5. ? – 94 + 95 = 189
6. Emily Gottfried – 85 + 86 = 171
7. Laura Wood – 89 + 52 = 141

The team scored a total of 1,485 points over the two rounds for a team average of 212.14. The winning team had a team average of 264.20 and the runners-up scored 239.50. The Mayor's team finished the contest in 6th position with an average of 176.80.

The Ham & Eggers are looking forward to the next charity tenpin bowling event and are still looking to find the form that won them the prestigious Macmillan Cancer Support Annual Bowling Challenge Title in 2009.

Ham & Eggers Tenpin Bowling Team Honours Board:
2012 - Mayor of Luton’s Charity Tenpin Bowling Challenge - 3rd
2007 - Macmillan Cancer Support Annual Bowling Challenge - 6th

Other Tenpin Bowling Honours:

Other Results:

A London Pub & Jumble Sale Crawl

Post-Hopathon shenanigans in London

Following the Guinness World Record attempts at the Ripping Yarns Hopathon on Hampstead Heath we headed to the first stop on what would become a bit of a Pub & Jumble Sale Crawl!

The first stop after a ramble through Hampstead Heath was The Freemasons Arms pub on Downshire Hill. This pub is the home of the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittle Club.

The Freemasons Arms pub in Hampstead

The club meets every Tuesday and Saturday evening, but we were too early to watch the Pros in action. Unfortunately we found out that bookings to play are only taken in advance – you can’t just turn up to play. The alley is available for hire on weekday evenings and weekends when the pub is open.

This way to the Skittle Alley

The Skittle Alley at The Freemasons Arms

The club is known as the Hampstead Lawn Billiard and Skittle Club and The Freemasons Arms was home to the only known pitch for the extinct game of Lawn Billiards! However, the pub extended its beer garden in the 1970’s and the Lawn Billiards court was covered. You can view the game in action in a film from 1933 at British Pathé.

The Beer Garden that was once home to the game of Lawn Billiards

While wandering through Hampstead on our way to Kentish Town we spotted a stall on the street with a huge banner advertising the NomNom Gluten & Egg Free Bakery! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some Gluten Free cakes.

Walking through Gospel Oak Brad ‘Frugal’ Shepherd spotted a line of people outside the school there – it was a queue for a jumble sale. Not one to pass up a chance to look for a bargain we decided to head to the nearest pub to wait the 15 minutes until the 2pm opening time. 45 minutes later we left the Old Oak pub refreshed and ready for the next stage of the crawl.

The only notable purchase was of a pre-decimal 'A-Z Atlas of London' by Alan ‘Stormin’ Norman, who also bought a chocolate fairy cake.

The A-Z Atlas of London (circa 1900)

After arriving in Kentish Town we spent some time in a couple of pubs including the Assembly House and the George IV before heading towards Camden to show Alan and Chris ‘Stretch’ Jones the random Crazy Golf course in Clarence Way.

Alan 'Stormin' Norman refuels with the meal of champions

En route Brad pointed out his favourite off-license – Drinkers Paradise on Prince of Wales Road. He had lied and said that they stocked Gluten Free Beer and was laughing about it until we actually spotted a bottle of Glebe Farm Gluten Free Ale in the window!

Drinkers Paradise - just call for details...

Brad, me and a bottle of Gluten Free beer at Drinkers Paradise

Alan also made his second wise purchase of the day and picked up a bottle of Monty Python themed Holy Grail ale!

Alan and the Holy Grail

The day out of shenanigans that began with me riding a fake camel before the Ripping Yarns Hopathon ended at the Clarence Way Crazy Golf Course in Camden. Talks of the 2012 London Invitational Minigolf Tournament taking place there are underway...

The Clarence Way Crazy Golf course by night

The Minigolfers at the Crazy Golf course in Camden

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The First Ever Ripping Yarns Hopathon

Taking part in two Guinness World Record "Hopping" Events!

The Hoppers with Michael Palin and Terry Jones

As we are always keen to try out new sports, games and activities we jumped at the chance to take part in the first ever and possibly only, Ripping Yarns Hopathon!

Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd had heard word of the event through the Network DVD eNewsletter and so we set about putting a team together for the Guinness World Record attempt for the ‘Fastest 400m Relay Hop’. We would also be competing in the ‘Largest Group Hop’ Guinness World Record attempt.

The Hoppers before the off! From l-r Emily, me, Brad, David

We'd regiestered in advance so on Saturday 3rd of March 2012 we headed to Hampstead Heath Athletics Track in London to sign-in for our chance to enter the record books. The event was organised to promote the release of the “Ripping Yarns: The Complete Series” DVD on Monday 5th of March. In the Ripping Yarns episode ‘Tomkinson’s School Days’ two schools compete in a 30-mile Hop, and it was this great sporting feat we were sort of recreating on the Hampstead Heath Athletics Track!

The Ripping Yarns Hopathon Poster

Video: A trailer for the Ripping Yarns episode 'Tomkinson's School Days'

Prior to competing, all of the registered ‘athletes’ were required to put on their ‘school colours’ to represent either Graybridge or St Anthony’s.

Bedecked in the colours of Tomkinson’s school Graybridge we had a chance to speak with comedy legends Michael Palin and Terry Jones who were on hand to welcome the participants and pass on advice and wisdom in the sport of Hopping!

Best foot forward - from l-r me, Brad, David, Emily

Before the first of the two Hopping contest could begin we were taken through a thorough warm-up by a member of the Highgate Harriers Athletics Club. This was a great start to the event.

Alan 'Stormin' Norman (leather jacket) takes us through his own unofficial warm-up regimen, David, far right, almost suffered an injury during this!

The advert for the Largest Group Hop stated that you ‘only’ had to hop on the same leg for 400m! Many of the competitors found that after 100m it was going to be a really gruelling struggle! We were allowed to stop and rest as often as we liked, but had to continue on the same leg.

Michael Palin and Terry Jones check the competitors on the start line before sounding the Klaxon

In the race David Moore finished first out of our group, with me coming in second place*, Emily in third and Brad way back in fourth place. After completing the race ourselves we were all able to wait on the finishing line to welcome home the late finishers who were pushing themselves through the pain barrier to get to the end, all the while being encouraged by Michael Palin and Terry Jones!

*Emily would of easily beaten me, but we decided to ‘cross the finishing line together’ after chatting on the home straight. However by one-hop’s length and the fact that I put my chest forward across the line I took the ‘tape’ first to win by a hair’s breadth.

Our team on and off the podium. In the individual race David was the first member of our team across the line, I had pipped Emily to the post to take second and Brad lagged behind to take fourth

Here are some photos of Brad bravely pushing on to finish the race!

Brad getting closer to the end

Brad nearing home

Brad edging forward

Brad just before crossing the finishing line!

With one Guinness World Record attempt completed we had a rest, took on some water and watched the prize ceremony for the first race before starting the 4 x 100m relay. The overall winner of the Largest Group Hop 400m race was Ben Langley from Bedford who received the coveted and prestigious School Leopard Trophy, along with £500 for his nominated charity – The Stroke Association.

Brad makes a fashion statement after getting changed

Prior to the second Guinness World Record attempt two things happened. Firstly the fairly nice weather changed to bleak and rainy conditions and secondly we had a briefing from an official who went through the rules of the Relay Race.

We were informed that the race would be using official England Athletics rules. We had to remember to stay within our own lanes and were also told that if the baton was dropped during an exchange we could still continue, but would have to pick up the baton without impeding other competitors.

With the rules briefing over each of the hoppers were taken to their starting positions around the track. David was our opening runner, with Emily taking the second leg, Brad the third section, and I was to finish the race. Our friend Alan ‘Stormin’ Norman who had been coaching and advising us through the morning also took part in the relay race and made up the numbers in Team 5.

The Klaxon sounded and David was off, setting a good pace, but was overtaken by the man dressed as a banana on the first 100m. Following a clean baton exchange Emily took on the next 100m and on passing to Brad our team was looking good for a bronze medal finish. Sadly on the third leg Brad was clearly struggling following the toll the first hopping race had taken on him and was easily overtaken by a man that was hopping almost as fast as any of us could run!

With Brad running in to the encouragement of my shouting “Hurry up you git, you’ve lost us the race” I set off for the finishing line, pausing after around 70m to make sure I wasn’t likely to be overtaken and then continuing to finish our team’s race with a cracking time of 3 minutes 11 seconds and fourth place overall.

All that was left to do following the race was take on more water, try to recover and watch the prize ceremony for the Relay Race. We also got to get our team photos with Michael Palin and Terry Jones who were both really friendly and chatty and had encouraged every competitor to give it their all on the day.

Ahead of the event the organisers, Network DVD, teamed up with London and Partners (Visit London), who are looking to set 20 records in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. This meant that if either or both records were broken then the Hopathon records would have been added to their records.

Despite over 100 people taking part in the Largest Group Hop and five teams competing in the Relay Race neither of the events broke the existing Guinness World Records. The event was still great fun, utterly ridiculous and enjoyed by all, even with all of the pain and agony!

At least the race wasn’t a full 30-miles!

More photos from the Ripping Yarns Hopathon

In a league of his own - David well out in front!

Me hopping along

Brad gets overtaken by the man in the Banana outfit

Emily in her Team St Anthony's school colours passes a bunch of rivals from Graybridge

Emily and I take a breather


Media Links:

It's not every day... get to ride a Camel in Kentish Town!

The 'Camel' outside The Orientalist carpet shop on Highgate Road, London

Friday, March 02, 2012

Appearing on ITV's The Chase!

‘Today’ I faced one of the finest quiz brains in the UK as I appeared on hit ITV quiz show ‘The Chase’!

The programme sees four strangers teaming up to take on a Chaser in a general knowledge quiz, firstly as individuals and then, if they qualify, in the Final Chase.

On the show, filmed last year, I was up against quiz supremo Mark Labbett and in the Cash-Builder round only managed to answer one question correctly out of nine in one minute of quick fire questions. I was like a deer caught in the headlights!

In the head-to-head chase itself I was offered either a measly £4 to take a step closer to safety, or £20,000 to take a riskier step forward. After a chat with my team mates I opted to play for the £1,000 and managed to answer three questions out of seven before being caught two steps from home. It must have been the pressure of appearing in front of a ‘studio audience’.

The four questions (out of 16) that I answered correctly were:
- What food-related nickname is given to the Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London
o Answer: Beefeaters
- In punctuation, which character is also known as an ‘interrogation point’?
o Answer: C) Question Mark
- What name is given to the narrow, cobbled street in York’s city centre?
o Answer: C) The Shambles
- Which actress played the leader of the Pink Ladies in the film ‘Grease 2’?
o Answer: C) Michelle Pfeiffer

The Chaser and I both got the question “What is a bluebonnet?” wrong. It’s a Plant, not a Fungus.

Another team mate, Alison, was also eliminated from the game which left two players, Anne and Glyn, to play for £10,000. They took on the Chaser with an 18 step head start after correctly answering 16 questions, plus their ‘bonus’ two step head start.

The Chase is hosted by comic and actor Bradley Walsh and is now in its fifth series. Thousands of people apply to appear on the show each year. I was on number 39 of a series that will be over 100 shows long.

For the next month you can still catch the show on the ITV Player online.

In 2009 I also appeared on BBC2’s quiz show Eggheads, when I led a team of Minigolfers known as the ‘Nutters with Putters’. Our team played for £18,000 but unfortunately lost in the final head-to-head game.

Of the two shows I found The Chase to be much tougher as you’re really put on the spot with the quick fire questions.

Who knows what show I’ll go on next – Climbing for Dollars perhaps... and with TV quiz shows getting repeated over the years maybe I'll win in a re-run!


The Chase

Set your videos, TiVo, Sky+, Betamax, V2000 etc. and tune in to ITV today (Friday 2nd March) at 5pm as I'm going to be on the quiz show 'The Chase'!!!

Howard the Celeriac

A cartoon website about Coeliac Disease.

Over on twitter I was recently followed by Howard the Celeriac. I thought the user had an odd name and avatar, but I clicked through and saw that their tweets were Gluten-related. This led me to have a look on the Celeriacs website and I was very pleased that I did.

Howard the Celeriac's cartoons about life as a 'Celeriac' are brilliant and as someone with Coeliac Disease I have experienced many of the situations too! I've not been called a Celeriac that often, but I have been asked about what it's like to be a Solero!?

Also, I often get told that it's 'funny' that I live in Luton, but can't eat Gluten.

Do check out the cartoons over at Howard the Celeriac's website and give him a follow on twitter.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

And so it begins... the 2nd Annual Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt is underway!!!

The Putter King launches the second worldwide minigolf quest!

The 2nd Annual Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt has begun with the release of the task lists for the four round, 20 task competition.

The annual Scavenger Hunt competition is free to enter and is open to minigolf enthusiasts around the world. Participants are invited to complete various miniature golf-related tasks and submit pictures or videos to record their achievements online.

Me and Emily in our Putter King Kits at the 2011 BMGA English Open minigolf tournament at Wroxham Barns, Norfolk

You can check out all the details of this year's contest at the 'Current Hunt' page of the Putter King website.

In the inaugural contest I finished as runner-up to Australia's Allan Cox after a closely fought battle!

My runner-up certificate from the 2011 Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt

My runner-up prize from the 2011 Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt


Miniature Golf Books for World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day today by picking up one of these books about Minigolf (and some other interesting sports and games).

With the 1st of March being World Book Day I thought I'd post some links and information on a selection of books about Minigolf/Crazy Golf and other Strange & Wacky Games that I highly recommend.

Nutters With Putters - Book, eBook & DVD - Crazy golf instructional DVD and Book from BMGA Tour Legends Tim 'Ace Man' Davies & John 'Big Top Ted' McIver. Covers a lot more besides Crazy Golf training too!?

10 Courses for 10 Years - Book - The Putting Penguin Minigolf Team have put together a great minigolf book "10 Courses for 10 Years" with reviews of ten Miniature Golf courses from their first ten years. It's available from

Beginner's Guide to Miniature Golf - Book - written by Lionel Bender, Peter Parr and Jon Angel this 16-page booklet was produced as an introduction to minigolf and to give hints and tips on improving your game.

Montegue Blister's Strange Games - Book and eBook - covers Mini and Crazy Golf, and a whole lot more in the world of Strange Games (includes another Ham & Egger Files favourite - Finger Jousting).

Wacky Nation - Book - Covers the World Crazy Golf Championships and 49 other Crazy Contests in the UK. The Wacky Nation team of Sally and James are also the organisers of the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships.

The Underdog -  Book - Written by the Arm-Wrestling, Backwards Running, Sumo Wrestler Joshua Davis. The website also has links to loads of other 'Underdog' Sports and Games where you can find out more before you 'Enter The Fray'Miniature Golf gets a listing there too.

The Crazy Golf Museum has a listing of books that cover Miniature Golf, you can view them over at "Miniature golf in books". Of the books listed Andy Miller's 2002 book Tilting at Windmills: How I Tried to Stop Worrying and Love Sport is well worth a read. I picked up a copy before I joined the British Minigolf Association back in 2006 and have re-read it a few times since then.

The 2004 book In Search Of The Tiger: A Golfing Odyssey by Ian Stafford is another great read and has an excellent chapter on the time the author represented Great Britain at the European Minigolf Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. You can read Tim 'Ace Man' Davies' report from the tournament here. The event has gone down in history as the British Team managed to defeat a Finnish Player, one Tervaskangas Anssi, due to the fact that he got stang off of a wasp and was forced to retire after only three of the eight rounds of play had been completed.

If you'd like to recommend any other sports books that you think are worth a read, or have spotted Miniature Golf mentioned in a book, let me know in the comments below...

About World Book Day
World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind, anywhere. Millions and millions of book vouchers given out, great free books for kids, excitement everywhere (on blogs, in newspapers, on TV and in schools, libraries and, of course, bookshops), people coming together (including lots and lots of young readers) in a big, loud, happy celebration of reading. For more information about World Book Day check out the website, twitter profile and facebook page.

I'm friends with Birdies Pop Up Golf, are you?

Me and the Ham & Egger Files have been added to the newest section of the Birdies Pop Up Golf website - the 'Friends of Birdies'.

Based in Manchester, Birdies Pop Up Golf is the UK’s newest and most exciting minigolf concept and has a portable minigolf course that you can hire for events.

In December 2011 Emily and I headed up to Manchester to attend the Birdies Pop Up launch event.

Me playing Hole 3 of the Birdies Pop Up Minigolf Course Layout at the Launch Event

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- Birdies Pop Up Golf