Friday, February 17, 2012

Winning a Putter Fingers Mug

Latest minigolf prize goes on display

As a winner of the 'Where's Spike?' online competition run by Crazy Golf business Putter Fingers I received my prize of a Putter Fingers Mug earlier this week.

The Mug has taken up a spot on my trophy shelf, well for a cup of coffee at least...

The Putter Fingers Mug sitting amongst some of my other minigolf winnings

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt - A Riddle!

Opportunity to unlock a PKSH task early!

The first 20 people to solve the riddle will receive a bonus chance to ‘unlock’ one of the Putter King Miniature Golf Scavenger Hunt tasks ahead of the launch date of the 1st March 2012!


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#PKSH2 on twitter

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

London, an Old Routemaster Bus, Crazy Golf and Bar Billiards

A blog post about a Bus on a Minigolf course. And Bar Billiards!

Reading the excellent website about London - Londonist - I spotted a story about new uses for old buses - "Recycled Routemasters: New Uses For Old Busses". One of the photos showed an old Routemaster Bus on the 9-hole Crazy Golf course at Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre in Chiswick, London.

I visited this course in April 2011 when it became the 214th played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Crazy Golf in Chiswick, London
The old Bus at Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre in Turnham Green, Chiswick

Re-reading my blog post I noticed that the second hole at the course is called 'Bar Billiards'! This dog-leg right-hand hole doesn't look like any Bar Billiards table I've seen before, or played recently, but more like a right-angled Pool/Billiards table!

Crazy Golf in Chiswick, London
The 'Bar Billiards' second hole

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emily's Minigolf Photo is 19th in Minigolf Photo Competition

Emily’s photo of me playing the 16th hole in the final of the 2011 WMF World Adventure Golf Masters competition at the Hastings Pirate Adventure Golf course finished in 19th place of the 20 finalists in the Minigolf Photo of the Year Competition vote. The picture garnered a total of 118 points (2.8%).

Prior to the voting the team picked the top 20 images from the 116 photos that had been submitted by 30 photographers at Minigolf courses and events in 2011.

You can view the final rankings here.

Emily's submitted photo: Richard Gottfried playing at the WMF World Adventure Golf Masters tournament in Hastings


Monday, February 13, 2012

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth

Playing Bar Billiards at two pubs in Hertfordshire.

On Saturday 11th February 2012 me and two friends visited a couple of pubs in Hertfordshire for a few games of Bar Billiards.

Having rung round the pubs in Herts & Beds that are listed on the AEBBA map of Bar Billiards tables earlier in the day I had found out that The Red Lion in Studham, Beds no longer has a table. Nor does the Bedford Arms in Hitchin, having changed to a standard Pool table. We'd also found The Bucks Head pub in Little Wymondley has also removed their Bar Billiards table, but does offer free Dominoes, Cards and Cribbage to customers.

I did find that The Chequers Inn at Knebworth still had a table and I'd heard via twitter that The Orange Tree in Baldock also had one, so off we headed.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
The Bar Billiards table at The Orange Tree in Baldock
First up was a visit to The Orange Tree, where we spotted the table positioned in the 'public bar', quite nicely near to a real log fire to keep punters and players warm. After a quick run through of the rules I took on Simon in a game.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
The Orange Tree Bar Billiards Rules
To decide who would break we played a hand of Rock Paper Scissors. I lost.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
Simon 'Practice' Hall takes a shot
Simon may have won the break, but when the match came to the closing stages the score was 800 to nil, with Simon having wiped out his score by knocking down the dreaded black peg! He did however manage to score 200 points by sinking the last white ball to make the result 800-200.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
Lining up a shot

As the table at The Orange Tree was positioned against a wall/under a window it was only possible to play shots at the 200 & 100 holes from the left hand side of the table. Not a major obstacle really. I did like the fact that there were three sizes of cue available to use. As the pub was busy and there was a door behind the baulk line end I opted to use the 'baby' cue which was only about two and a half foot long.

Having had two games at The Orange Tree we decided to head over to Knebworth and The Chequers Inn for a game or two.

When I had phoned ahead earlier in the day the man at the pub had confirmed they still had a table and said that the baize on it had been relaid. The table did look and play nicely indeed, with the balls rolling very smoothly indeed. But unfortunately in the second game a lot of the balls kept getting 'stuck' in the pockets after being potted!? This meant for much of our second 'three-way-dance' match we were not playing with a full deck!

Simon picked up wins at The Chequers Inn. Both games once again went to a shootout on the 200 hole.

Interestingly the table at The Chequers Inn had a different layout to the table in The Orange Tree and was also different to the only other table I'd actually played, at The Strathmore Arms in St Paul's Walden. Both of those tables had three obstacles (one with 'mushrooms' the other with 'pegs'), but the table at The Chequers Inn had four mushrooms, with one guarding the 200 hole, one at the 100 hole (which was not marked as a scoring hole) and the other two were in front of each of the 50 holes. It certainly made the table a lot harder to score points on. The positioning of the table at The Chequers Inn also meant that shots at the 200 hole in the last ball shootout could only be made from the right hand side of the table.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
The Bar Billiards table at The Chequers Inn at Knebworth - this one had four spots and four 'mushrooms'! Shooting for the 50s was very difficult

There was a nice old rules sheet/poster on display next to the table at The Chequers Inn. it was originally revised in 1973 and reprinted in 1976 and described "The Game of Bar Billiards - sometimes called Russian Bagatelle, Skittle Billiards or Snookerette etc."

This rule sheet had the rules laid out for playing the game using the 'first arrangement' and 'second arrangement' and it was this second type of rules the table had been set up for, with the previously mentioned four peg/skittle marks. There was also a good section on the sheet on 'How to Promote Interest' in the game.

Bar Billiards in Baldock & Knebworth
The nice old Bar Billiards rule sheet at The Chequers Inn

An enjoyable day out at two different pubs, playing a fun and very tricky game. On an incredibly cold day it was nice to be in two very warm pubs.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Luton Sports Awards - Deadline Reminder

The deadline to send in nominations for this year's Luton Sports Network 'Luton Sports Awards' is Tuesday 21st February.

Emily and I would really appreciate nominations. Entry forms (with a deadline date of the 21st February) can be downloaded from the link here. A news item in the latest Luton Herald & Post, p.55 also mentions that entries can now be emailed in, but lists the deadline as Monday 13th of February.

Emily & Richard at the 2011 WMF Nations Cup in Stockholm, Sweden

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bad Postcards - a Tyrannosaurus Rex at a 1960's Goofy Golf Miniature Golf Course

Via the Viz comic facebook page I saw a link to the BAD POSTCARDS tumblr page. I decided to have a look at what other 'Bad Postcards' would be on there and noticed that this excellent website of vintage American postcards from 1950 to 1975 featured a minigolf postcard!

An excellent website that's well worth a look. There are some great old 'bad' Postcards on there - including one of a Cigar Smoking Alligator!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Snow causes blog post in Guildford

My mate, fellow blogger, former minigolf doubles partner and "sometime adversary" Oliver 'The Machine' Florence has blogged about the snowy weather getting in the way of some Guildford-based activities today.

I had been scheduled to visit the town for some Bar Billiards and a walk around the castle, but snow and heavy traffic on the M1 put paid to that idea.

You can check out the excellent blog post at Ollie's brilliant blog at "Snow luck for Gottfried as Guildford curse strikes again".

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Minigolf Zebra Thefts!?

A very odd minigolf news story!

The Putting Penguin team regularly shares interesting news items about Miniature Golf on their twitter profile.

Back in October 2010 we started up #MinigolfMonday and continue to try to get Minigolf 'trending' on twitter by using the hash tag #Minigolf on our tweets!

Blog Link:

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Putter Fingers Crazy Golf Competition for February 2012 - Where's Spike?

The Putter Fingers Crazy Golf team have launched their third online competition!

Visitors to the Putter Fingers website are being asked to look for Spike, the mascot for Putter Fingers.

To enter the 'Where's Spike?' online competition you’ll need to search the Putter Fingers website (high and low) before Friday 10th of February!

I had a go and found there may be a Red Herring thrown in for good measure!


Saturday, February 04, 2012

World of Bun Throwing: A new ‘Royal Bun Throwing Championships’ to be held

Check out my recent Bun Throwing blog post over at The World of Bun Throwing blog:

"A new ‘Royal Bun Throwing Championships’ to be held at Abingdon Vale Cricket Club"

Friday, February 03, 2012

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf's new blog

I recently noticed that Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf has recently created a blog. You can check it out at "Jungle Rumble THE BLOG"

There are two Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf sites, each containing two 18-hole indoor miniature golf courses. One is in Bristol at the Cabot Circus Shopping Centre. When Emily and I visited the courses back in February 2010 they became the 161st and 162nd played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. We were in Bristol preparing for the British Minigolf Association's BMGA English Open tournament that was taking place at Jungle Rumble.

The other Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf is at the Liverpool ONE Shopping Centre in Liverpool. The courses at this site were the 212th and 213th played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour in March 2011. Once again we were visiting the courses ahead of a BMGA Tour event. This time it was the BMGA National Open tournament.

For details of other minigolf blogs (and links to other websites of interest) please check out the 'links' on the right hand side of the Ham & Egger Files web page.

Thursday, February 02, 2012 - Minigolf Photo of the Year Competition!

One of Emily’s photos has been selected for the Minigolf Photo of the Year Competition!

The team selected the top 20 snaps from 116 submitted photos taken by 30 photographers at Minigolf events and courses throughout 2011.

Emily took the photo of me playing the 16th hole at the Hastings Pirate Adventure Golf course at the 2011 WMF World Adventure Golf Masters tournament last May.

Richard Gottfried at the 2011 WMF World Adventure Golf Masters tournament in Hastings

You can read the news item and view the photo shortlist at:

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Minigolf Info - "An Introduction to the British Minigolf Association" & "Starting Out In Minigolf"

Two of the Minigolf Sport Governing Bodies that I play competitive minigolf in have information available online about the sport of Minigolf, the rules of the game and the associations that administrate them.

You can check out the British Minigolf Assocations information flyer 'An Introduction to the British Minigolf Association' which has details about the BMGA, its competitions, benefits of membership and the (Abridged) Rules of Minigolf.

The World Minigolf Sport Federation has a brochure called 'Starting Out In Minigolf' and gives a background to the sport, basic rules and information on the four systems of Minigolf the WMF uses for their competitions.

You can join the BMGA as either a 'Tour Pro', or for free as a 'Standard' member. Full details can be found on the BMGA's Membership Page.

- The BMGA
- The WMF
- An Introduction to the British Minigolf Association (BMGA)
- Starting Out In Minigolf brochure by the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minigolf and Crazy Golf courses in Pub Beer Gardens

Details of Pub Miniature Golf courses we've found on our travels

On our travels around the UK we've found Minigolf and Crazy Golf courses at a few Pubs along the way. Though not as many as we'd have liked!

Here are the links to the Pub Miniature Golf courses we've visited and played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour to date:

Pub Beer Garden Minigolf
One of the holes at The Horse & Harrow Pub Crazy Golf in 2006

Pub Beer Garden Crazy Golf
A view of the now long-gone Crazy Golf course at The Green Man Pub

#110 Tudor Rose Inn, Fordingbridge, Hampshire - Miniature Golf - Update: October 2012 - the beer garden has had a makeover and the course is no longer there.

Pub Beer Garden Miniature Golf
Playing a hole on the very good Miniature Golf course at The Tudor Rose Inn

Pub Beer Garden Crazy Golf
A double-humped hole at The Maldon Grey Pub in Sudbury

Pub Beer Garden Mini Golf
Playing on the course in the beer garden of The Sutton Staithe Hotel

- The Pitch & Putt Inn - North Shore Holiday Centre, Skegness, Lincolnshire - Pitch & Putt Course (did not play) and a Miniature Golf Course (#233)

- Not played (Pub under reconstruction) - Aber Falls Tavern, Abergwyngregyn, Wales - Crazy Golf

- Not played (too early, Pub not open) - The Woolpack Inn, Smeeth, Kent - Crazy Golf

- Not played (no course there any more) - The Bell Pub, Wendens Ambo, Saffron Walden, Essex - Mini Golf

Looking at the course lists on the excellent website there are a few other Pub courses in England too.

Our friends at The Putting Penguin in the USA have also played some Mini-Golf courses in pubs and have set up courses at the Cambridge House Brew Pub in Connecticut!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Olympic Rings at St Pancras - 180 Days to Go to the start of London 2012!

Emily and I have managed to get tickets to watch some of the Handball at the 2012 Olympic Games!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another new game played – Bar Billiards

At the recent Star City Open weekend in Birmingham my fellow Crazy Golfer and BMGA Tour minigolf rival Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd pointed me in the direction of the 1970’s Yorkshire TV show ‘Indoor League’. As a fellow fan of odd and obscure sports he knew I would appreciate the games on offer on the programme, he wasn’t wrong.

Bar Billiards sign at The Strathmore Arms Pub

Indoor League was a show that ran from 1972-1977 on Yorkshire Television/ITV and was presented by Cricket legend Fred Trueman. The games played on the show include Darts (using a Yorkshire board, which has no ‘trebles’!), Skittles, Shove Ha’penny, Table Football and a game that took my fancy – Bar Billiards.

In all my years frequenting pubs I had never played the game and have only ever seen a glimpse of a table before – at The White Horse Pub in Southsea. With Indoor League whetting my appetite for a play of the game I took to the web to search out information on the game and whether there were any tables near to us in Luton...?

First of all I found that there is an ‘All England Bar Billiards Association’ that governs the game and organises tournaments in 18 counties, which are mostly in southern England and Jersey.

A link on the All England Bar Billiards Association (AEBBA) website shows the location of Bar Billiard tables in the UK. Checking this out I saw that the closest ones to us were at The Strathmore Arms pub in St Paul’s Walden (near Hitchin, Herts), The Red Lion at Studham (near Dunstable, Beds), Bedford Arms in Hitchin and at The Bucks Head in Little Wymondley (near Hitchin, Herts). Also on the list and fairly nearby were The White Lion in Hemel Hempstead, The Goat Inn in St Albans, The Chequers Inn in Knebworth, Our Mutual Friend in Stevenage and The Unicorn in Cublington, Bucks. I have also found out via twitter that The Orange Tree in Baldock, Herts does have a table (and also sells Gluten Free food and Beer).

* Location updates (4th &11th Feb and 24th March 2012)
- The Bucks Head in Little Wymondley no longer has a table
- The Red Lion in Studham no longer has a table
- The Bedford Arms in Hitchin has changed to a Pool table
- The Chequers Inn in Knebworth does still have a table - and the baize has been relaid
- The White Lion in Hemel Hempstead no longer has a table

So, on Friday 27th January 2012 we headed to the closest pub on the list – The Strathmore Arms pub in St Paul’s Walden.

The Strathmore Arms pub in St Paul's Walden, near Hitchin, Herts

Though close to Luton, a mere 8 miles, the B Road there is long, winding and quite pot holey – far removed from the hustle and bustle of Luton. It’s not often we venture out to the villages surrounding Luton. We have passed through some of them to reach the Offley Oriental Chinese Restaurant (which serves some great Gluten Free food). We also regularly go to Tea Green Golf Club at Wandon End, but this is very close to the Luton border.

When we arrived at The Strathmore Arms we ordered some drinks and then asked if they had a Bar Billiards table. The obliging barman said they did and pointed us around to a room attached to the main bar area where the table stood. And what a sight it was. The Barman told us it was a “pound a go” and left us to it.

The Bar Billiards table at The Strathmore Arms pub
Having only seen the game played on TV before, Emily and I had a quick glance at the rules on the plate affixed to the table itself, put a quid in the machine and started playing.

Emily plays a shot

After the first practice game we had a deeper read of the rules sheet that was beside the table and realised we had been playing our own version of the game! We then decided to play a best-of-3 games match to decide the Champion.

Emily has a read of the rules

In the first ‘proper’ game I managed to beat Emily with a final score of 400 to nil after Emily knocked the Black Peg down in the final ball shootout. Emily had reached a score of 940 before this was wiped out.

In the second game of the best-of-3 match I once again won to take the overall victory. This time I had a score of 1000, to Emily’s 90. This was a much cleaner match, with very little peg knocking down!

I line up a shot
In our fourth and final game Emily beat me 70-0. I had reached 180 but knocked the Black Peg down to wipe-out. Emily’s opening break was a score of 380 before she played a foul shot to wipe-out the break.

Once we’d finished our games we had a chat to the bar staff and some of the friendly locals. We got some further information about Bar Billiards and that it used to be a very popular game in Hertfordshire (and was one of the originating spots for the game), however there are not that many tables left to play.

As we were so interested in the game a few of the locals asked us if we were on a mission of some sort relating to Bar Billiards. We told them we weren’t (yet), but were on a Crazy World of Minigolf Tour! As I’m like a dog with a bone about new/old/interesting/fun/obscure/odd games and sports and challenges who knows, we may start-up a Crazy World of Bar Billiards Tour!

Another view of the table - plenty of balls still in play!

Emily was also interested in the Pudding Club that is run at The Strathmore Arms and there was a lively discussion going on amongst the staff and regulars over the latest offerings and the current rankings list!

A Dart Board was also set up next to the Bar Billiards table. I may take my ‘arrers next time we visit.

Looking at the Bar Billiards table I noticed that there was a badge affixed to the table we played that was from the “National Bar Billiards Association”. When I got home I had another look on The Online Guide to Traditional Games website and reread about the game and saw that National Bar Billiards Association was a pre-World War II organisation! The game started in the UK in the 1930’s, so the table at The Strathmore Arms could well be one of the first in the UK then!

Speaking with Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd and fellow sports and games enthusiast Marc ‘The Roller’ Bazeley I have found out they know of other tables in London, Gravesend and Northampton. ‘The Roller’ also tells me there is a thriving Wellingborough Bar Billiards League and when Emily and I head to Northants for a game then the Crown & Anchor Pub in Northampton is the place to go.

It seems a Bar Billiards ‘side-tournament’ or two is in order.

As Fred Trueman would say “Ahl si thee”

The Rules of Bar Billiards

- All England Bar Billiards Association
- The Strathmore Arms Pub
- Indoor League at Wikipedia
- Indoor League at UK Game Shows
- Bar Billiards at The Online Guide to Traditional Games
- Bar Billiards at Wikipedia
- Map of Bar Billiards Tables in the UK
- Crazy World of Minigolf Tour
- Minigolf Course Visit #210(a!?) - Vienna, Austria (Askoe Wien Wasserpark) - pit-pat "Hindernis Billards" (Obstacle Billiards)!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Receiving the OFBIMT Minigolf Trophy Orb... the Car Park at Star City (the Las Vegas of the West Midlands).

'Birthday Boy' Oliver Florence presents the mysterious Green Orb to me. Note the 'unique' handshake Florence has applied

A more traditional approach to the trophy presentation

Me and the Orb

The Orb was my reward for winning the Oliver Florence Birthday Invitational Minigolf Tournament in December 2011.

The late presentation of the trophy was due to previous Champion Guy Martin forgetting to bring it to New Malden, having left it somewhere ending in 'ham'.

- "Glory for Gottfried as Martin's mistake fails to cloud celebrations"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arcade Games at Star City – Air Hockey, Pool & Ping Pong

Following the first minigolf event of the BMGA Tour season at the Star City Open in Birmingham on Sunday 22nd January, a group of players headed to the amusement arcade attached to the Bowling Alley in the Star City Complex for an Air Hockey Tourney.

Among the competitors in action at the Las Vegas of the West Midlands were reigning Worlds Air Hockey Champion Peter ‘The Puckmaster’ Jones, James ‘Ruthers’ Rutherford, Seth ‘Wandsworth’ Thomas, 'Squire' Richard Gottfried & Oliver ‘The Machine’ Florence.

The first game to be played was on the closest table to the door and after a draw of sorts was organised by Emily ‘Lemony’ Gottfried play commenced with a match-up between perennial Air Hockey loser, ‘Squire’ Richard Gottfried, and the Welsh Worlds Air Hockey champ and side-tournament specialist Peter ‘The Dragon’ Jones.

Peter Jones (far side) faces-off against Richard Gottfried in the longest match ever!

Unbeknownst to the players the match would create something of a record result, as the machine was a bit broken! The final result saw 31 goals scored as the match seemed to be never ending. Normally the first player who scores 7 goals is the winner and the machine keeps the puck from being returned. However in the battle between Gottfried & Jones, Richard managed to get the upset win, with a slim victory of 16-15.

With the match going on for so long Richard retired from the rest of the contest due to exhaustion and went to have a nice sit down. This meant that Peter ‘The Crazy Aced Assassin’ Jones was back in the contest and would face Seth ‘Tooting’ Thomas in the ‘first’ round.

Before that contest could take place a new table needed to be found for the match between Ruthers and The Machine. Play then commenced after Ollie had put a deposit down for half an hour’s play on the Ping Pong table. In the Air Hockey match Ollie took control and defeated Ruthers 7-5 meaning The Machine would head to the final to face either Thomas or Jones. The defeated Ruthers consoled himself by heading to the Table Tennis table to take on and beat all-comers (except Seth, who was just too good). One notable result was the ‘Squire’ (ranked 50th alongside Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd in the 2010 World Series of Pong) coming out of retirement for one more match. He was swiftly beaten 11-6 by Ruthers.

Ping Ponger Ruthers awaiting new challengers

In the highly anticipated match-up between Worlds Champ Peter ‘Toy Truck’ Jones and the sporting polymath that is Seth ‘Clockwork Orange’ Thomas the result was an unexpected win to Thomas, who managed to take down the champ and win 7-3 to line up a contest against The Machine in the Grand Final.

The Machine warms-up for the Air Hockey final with a bit of Table Tennis

Having seen the photos of the Air Hockey matches online, and on being told he had wrongly assumed that Peter 'Indoor League' Jones had been dishing out lessons, Finnish player Pasi ‘Bruiser’ Aho commented “He's just giving you that false feeling of confidence and will strike back when it matters.”

With the first Air Hockey table used in the competition set to ‘Long Play’ the players couldn’t imagine that the event would befall some other controversy, but that is exactly what happened in the big final match-up. With Seth Thomas easing to a 6-2 lead against Oliver Florence what happened next could of been taken straight from a round of ‘What happened next?’ on TV game show A Question of Sport. As Ollie hit a goal to bring his score up to 3 goals, the puck got stuck in the goal mouth and couldn’t be retrieved, nor did it register on the scoreboard!

Seth Thomas and Oliver Florence face-off in the Air Hockey Final

Luckily Emily ‘I’ll get #TheMan’ Gottfried was on hand and went and got the man to come and have a look at the machine (the table, not Ollie). With much wrenching and fiddling the technician was unable to get the puck out, so instead turned off the table and gave the players their pound back.

Pucking Hell! The Air Hockey Puck gets stuck in the goal

This caused a dilemma as the result of the match was still undecided. To decide the ultimate winner of the Star City Air Hockey Contest, Seth and Ollie decided to play one game of Ping Pong as a decider!

The result of the Air Hockey Tournament is decided on a Ping Pong Table

In the end there seemed to be only one possible result as Seth took an early and commanding lead, as he had done on the Air Hockey, and finished the match by smashing in a result of 11-2 and leaving The Machine with the runner-up spot.

Following the final of the Air Pong competition Seth declared that “the fun isn’t over if I’ve still got money left” and proceeded to challenge players to games of Pool. First up was Richard who, apart from the break and potting one ball, spent the game speaking with Peter 'PJ#2' Jones on the sidelines.

Richard Gottfried enjoys a nice sit down on his way to a Pool defeat at the hands of Seth Thomas

With the Hurricane Simulator ‘Out of Order’ a doubles Pool match was proposed, with the line-up of England (Ollie & Seth) to take on the ‘Wales’ team of Peter and Richard. England won.

And that wrapped up the fun and games at The Buttons of Star City. For a change no Laser Tag was played. The next big arcade event will no doubt be a £2 Tat Challenge at the amusement arcades of Worthing, West Sussex in April.

- 2011 Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Championships in Hastings
- Crazy Minigolfers Play Air Hockey Tournament in Hastings
- The Undisputed International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Championships