Monday, May 13, 2013

Minigolf at Letoonia Golf Resort, Belek, Turkey

An unplayed Miniature Golf course in Turkey.

It appears the 'Minigolf spotting but being unable to play the course' bug/curse is spreading!

My brother Christopher's girlfriend Nina 'The Queen of Crazy Golf' Dukes was recently on holiday in Turkey and spotted a Miniature Golf course at the resort she and her friends were staying at. Unfortunately they were unable to play the course as there was no-one serving in the hut.

Nina explains "The day we were there we couldn't see anyone around to supply us with putters and balls!"

The unplayed Miniature Golf course at the Letoonia Golf Resort in the town of Belek in Turkey (pic by Nina Dukes)

Despite the Crazy Golf course being in the grounds of the hotel and Golf resort Nina added "This was the only golf related activity we saw!"

It does look like an interesting Minigolf course layout and it was a shame Nina didn't manage to get a game in. It would've been nice to see what the scorecard looked like and whether Nina would've won the contest (like she did against Christopher in Great Yarmouth!).

Turkey is a member nation of the world governing body for Minigolf, the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF). Within Turkey Minigolf Sport is governed by Uluslararasi Minigolf & Tuna Minigolf.

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